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Adeola Omitunsin (Sisi Junction)


Adeola Omitunsin isn’t a familiar name to fans of Radio in Ondo State. But when you say, ‘SisiJunction’, most of them will be eager to see her. In this interview with Hakeem Adebumiti, Adeola opened up on her love life, her love for radio broadcasting and how the name, SisiJunction came to be.

What are the challenges you’re facing on the job?

Challenges of people projecting their fears on you, challenges of people’s expectations of their own definition of what you should be, even though that isn’t you at all. Challenges of some men and women not knowing boundaries. Because I’m expressive some of them want to have access to me 100% forgetting I’m human too.

They want radio presenters to open their airwaves to register their grievances against the government abusing the government on radio forgetting there are rules guiding radio broadcasting and when you as a presenter wants to play to rule by the game, they make you an enemy and if you allow them NBC will come for you.

And recently bullies. These are few of the challenges of the job

You’re also into event management. You often engage in the job of a Master of Ceremony, how do you combine this with your radio presentation?

Event management is for the weekend while my radio job is for week days. I enjoy both sides as it gives me opportunity of meeting with my fans who have heard me on radio and supporting my brand! Highlights of my weekends is meeting my fans at parties while doing my thing.

What’s your advice to young graduates of mass communication?

Not everything will be taught in the four walls of the classroom. They will have to figure some things out on their own. They must be open minded and ready to learn, relearn and unlearn.

They can look up to the people in the industry but shouldn’t sound like them because the industry already have them. So, they should be original, think out of the box and no dream is too big to be fulfilled!

What are your plans for mentoring young broadcaster?

I have been doing that, they come to me and I encourage them. Undergraduates currently studying mass communication normally come to me and sometimes we meet at events. So if they come to me I do mentor them.

Why did you choose the title, SisiJunction?

Well, I will say it’s a stage name I love so much. The concept of the show that gave birth to the name came as a result of a thirst for something new, something not common in this side but will dish out relatable contents everyone will enjoy and have a feel of radio whenever I’m there. My show on radio is “Ibile Junction” (with the philosophy of bringing everyone together to have fun on radio especially the native speakers of Yoruba language). But I wanted a touch of modernization in it so I decided to be the lady at the junction – SisiJunction, who can represent everyone calling to the show.

That was how I came about the name SisiJunction. Currently most people don’t know my real name, they only know SisiJunction.

Are you married? If not, are you into a relationship?

I’m not married. I’m in a committed relationship.

As a popular female OAP, do you receive advances from men? How have you been managing such?

A lot. Ability to set boundaries and always be in the right place at the right time has helped me. 

The men are there I appreciate them but I simply define relationships and set boundaries though I’m jovial, I joke a lot which doesn’t make some of them take me serious when I say no but I still maintain that no till the end. Some of them become friends later, some of them term it as being proud and arrogant and its fine.

What kind of reactions do your fans put up when they meet you in real person? 

Some of them are surprised. Some will say, so she’s a young lady… I thought she’s a big woman… Oh I thought she’s rich o. Oh I thought she’s in her 50s. Some pray for me, others give me gifts so it’s a great thing especially meeting regular callers on my show, oh it’s a great feeling.

I noticed people stare at me a lot when I’m in the public, particularly they have seen my face on Facebook live and are doubting if I’m the one or not even some will be saying it loud and you will hear them. Oh that’s SisiJunction o…

What was your career choice outside radio broadcasting?

Well, yea in the past, I talk a lot as a child and thought I might end up as a lawyer but I am a radio presenter doing her thing to God be the glory. Some radio presenters are born orator why some are made (they study journalism then have the inbuilt talent too) I’m both. Thank you so much sir.

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