Opinion: Tolu Adedayo… Akani Ori’ja Joo’gun By Sunday Adejuyigbe

TOLU ADEDAYO: An Ace Broadcaster based in AKure


I started having a very close relationship with the ONDO STATE RADIOVISION CORPORATION (OSRC) sometimes in the early nineties (90/91). Then my very good friend and brother from another mother Kola Ajumobi was a staff.

Kola, (one of the best voice in News casting in Nigeria today), and I were inseparable. I, then in my very early twenties was the Supervisory Councillor for Works in Akure Local Government and my office was just a stone throw to Orita Obele where OSRC is sited. So it was quite easy for me to go meet Kola at OSRC after the day’s work.

Through this I became more or less part of the OSRC family. From the GM Femi Adekanbi to the Programs people and News and Current Affairs people. I also participated a lot in some current affairs programs.

Then one day, Kola and I were at Bubbles ( a night club in Akure then), he now told me he wanted me to meet someone, a staff of OSRC. I just wondered who could that be that I don’t know in OSRC? Eventually Kola introduced me to a gentleman and said this is Tolu Adedayo. ‘My pleasure meeting you sir’ I retorted. ‘He is in Programs/Yoruba’ and ‘you know what?’, Kola continued ‘he is a graduate and he is even pursuing his Masters degree’. I looked at Kola with the kind of ‘and so what’ look. Graduate? So! Masters? So!

Then a few days later I had the radio of my car on while driving to work and just then I heard the voice of the presenter of a program introducing himself as Tolulope Adedayo, Akani Orija’joogun and pronto my mind went to the gentleman I just met and I decided to listen to his Program. A few minutes of listening and I knew the import of why Kola introduced him as a graduate.

His presentation was classic far different from the normal Yoruba program presenters. He was composed, well arranged and good scripted. The arrangement of the music he played, (and fortunately these were the musics I would die for) were superb. I got captivated and I just fell in love. And from that day I never missed any of his programs, I think on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And he never disappointed. I was sure to listen to the best of Hubert Ogunde, IK Dairo, Wale Glorious and my best of them all Orlando Owoh. And his Topics were laced with words of wisdom, proverbs, stories and he approached all these with all seriousness.
And then a good/bad thing happened, Ekiti was created, and Kola left for Ekiti his home state. Soon afterwards I lost interest in OSRC and gradually got detached from its people and activities. It soon dawned on me maybe I have been watching/listening to OSRC because of my friend.

This went on for a long period, until recently I got invited to a current affairs program on OSRC. Waoh! I exclaimed when I got to the premises, the place has not really changed. The offices, the newsroom, everywhere. The next thing was to ask my host Kunle about my long time friends. I asked about this and about that, bla bla bla, and finally I asked about Tolu Adedayo and he told me he has retired. And you know questions followed, how?,why? Even though he retired as a Director but in saner climes such talents are explored till old age. And the funniest thing I never got to meet him in a long while.

Then it just happened. Today I had a business appointment in Ore, while driving down I put my car radio in auto search for the channels, then somehow I heard a voice and it was too familiar, there was no way I could mistake it and I screamed Tolu Adedayo!!! Well you know the next thing. I keyed into that channel. Tolu Adedayo, Akani Orija’joogun is still his old self. Witty, composed, well arranged, intelligent. And the music? It was mind blowing, and it never changed too. Hubert Ogunde, IK Dairo, Wale Glorious and the master himself, Orlando Owoh. I have not enjoyed a radio program like that in such a long long time. The topic he treated I think has to do with women, I guess probably because yesterday was Women’s day. It was classical Tolu, a masterpiece. I was just smiling, abi grinning abi happy ni.

The quintessential broadcaster is back. Thanks so much to Breeze FM(91.9), they made it happen, and if you can sustain it , you have me permanently on your dial, and hopefully thousands of Tolu’s other fans.

Thanks once again, Breeze FM.

Sunday Adejuyigbe writes from Ijapo, Akure

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