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Kidnapping: YYC Urges Yoruba Leaders To Arrest Ugly Trend


The leadership of Yoruba Youth Council (YYC); a pan-african social democratic body representing all Yoruba Youths at home and in diaspora, saddled with the responsibility of protecting the overall interest of all Yoruba Youths and the Odua nation at large, has at an emergency meeting summoned by the national President Com. Eric Oluwole and attended by representatives of each member state in response to scores of distress calls received from different part of the nation regarding the incessant kidnapping and striking of some Criminals parading themselves as Fulani herdsmen around our States.

After a long deliberation which lasted for hours, we have been able to reach some comprise as stated below…

1. That we are fully aware that these criminals masquerading as herdsmen are being daily loaded in with trucks and vans into different part of our nation.

2. That we are aware that many of these criminals are abating and hibernating under some few unscrupulous, self-centered individuals among the Yoruba leaders who because of their desperate desire for gains are betraying the interest of the land.

3. That we have resolved to do everything possible, using every resources at our disposal and which is within the confinement of the law to fight, defend and to resist the incessant strikings and kidnappings by these criminal forces.

4. That we are calling on the leadership of Afeniferere to as a matter of urgency summon an emergency meeting where they should put heads together and declare their position on this looming crisis which if not properly and immediately addressed could lead to revolts from our angry Youths.

4b. That the Aare-Ona-Kakanfo, the Oni of Ife, the Alafin of Oyo and other powerful Kings and leaders in Yoruba land should come together and agree on feasible line of actions which will go beyond words on papers, fishing out the bad heads and betrayals in the land whoever they may be and providing the necessary supports for us the Youths in resisting these desperate attempt by the Fulanis to wipe out our generation and take over our land.

5. That we call on the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, all the Southwest Governors and Governors elect and every concerned personalities in positions of authority, that neglecting the their personal political differences and interest which is obviously dividing the Yoruba nation beyond reasonable understanding, should come together and address this issue before it will galvanize to national crisis.

6. That we call on the Inspector general of police to set up panels and committee which is capable of investigating the root of these problems while we still have the time. How are these people being weaponized? Who are those sponsoring them and responsible for bringing them in enmass and what is the cause that they are fighting?

6b. That the Nigerian Police should issue a statement not later than 2 weeks and state their position on how these people are being able to transfer their weapons of warfare, beating all checking points on their way, and why there has been no prosecution of any of those they claimed to have arrested so far? We demand an emergency investigation into all the recent kidnappings, maiming and killing of farmers across the nation and all that are involved prosecuted. Otherwise, they should declare to the general public that they are no longer fit and capable of protecting the Yoruba nation and hence, giving us the go ahead to fight and defend ourselves.

7. That we call on all well-meaning members of the international communities and organizations, especially, government of the United States of America, authorities of the United nations, African Union and ECOWAS, to be at alert and be ready to give the Yoruba nation the necessary support which may be needed at the time when revolt may be the only option of the Yoruba Youths in resisting these desperate criminals from wiping out our generation.

8. That we have sent a letter of notification to all the Youth Organizations across the Yoruba nation on the need to be prepared and the readiness to rise and defend the interest of the land at the time when we shall call on them.

On these positions we stand.

Thank you all and God bless you.

Benson Akinwumi
National Deputy Spokesman and Chairman, YYC, Ondo State.


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