Why Nigerian Muslim Elders Must Respond To OBJ’s ‘Islamisation’ Claim – Sirajudeen

Leader of the Nigerian Muslims and Sultan Of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar


At this time of our Nations history, silence is no more golden in fact silence is self destructive, the elders in the Islamic fold should speak out now and break their silence!

The MUSWEN Elders Forum, NSCIA National Headquarter, JNI, Ansarudeen, League of Imams and Alfas in Yoruba Land, the indigenous Ibo Muslims and all other Faith based organisations passionate about Muslims and Islamic development in Nigeria!

They should respond to Obasanjo’s claim that there is Islamisation agenda orchestrated by Boko Haram and insurgency in the nation! I am too young to respond to people like Obasanjo not only because of my age but by the social norms that the young keeps mute when the elders are speaking. The elders should speak because they should have a better understanding of the metamorphosis our nation is undergoing! They should speak for the posterity of Islam and the Muslims in this country!

The country have being fully Christianize, the Muslim are in perpetual struggle to get even their constitutional given right.

Our children are denied the use of hijab in public schools in the entire south, our mothers are not allowed to use hijab when ever they want to access government facilities or programmes, our children are brutalised in schools and public places whenever they want to practice or profess their religious inclination.

The Muslims are under siege, insurgency is killing the Muslims in the north decimating the population while the Muslims in the south have being ostracized as the region is either fully or partially christianised.

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Obasanjo is coming up with Islamisation accusation at this critical time of our Nations history!

Obasanjo ruled this country as an executive President from 1999 to 2007. During this unholy reign, Obasanjo practically turned his party PDP to a Christian party, the President, the Senate President and the chairman of the party were all Christian, the Senate/Legislature and the Presidency/Executive were consistently presided over by Christian for 8 solid years.

Obasanjo constituted his cabinet and could not find a single Muslim from the entire south with the required political or educational profile to be so appointed into the Federal executive council of the most populous black nation! Obasanjo could not appoint a single Muslim from the southwest or south east nor south south, it was only when the Muslim protested that one or two Muslim could merit his list!

Obasanjo should come out and tell the whole nation how the ecumenical center was magically built during his tenure, Baba Iyabo should tell us what he was pursuing when he selectively appointed Christian from the core north into Ministerial and other juicy position during his tenure.

Obasanjo blacklisted eminent Muslim philanthropist in the nation during his time and even threatened to destroy their business empire, the ‘ebora of owu’ should tell the whole nation what he was driving at then.

Obasanjo ensured that GEJ became the President after the demise of the late Yar’adua! Oga Jona on his own turned Aso Villa to CAN National secretariat, Jerusalem became Nigeria second capital and seat of power! Decision about our nation were concluded in the ecumenical center!

Nigerian Pastors became world ranking multi billionaires during this evil reign! Pastor Ayo became the real President of the Nation! While OBJ’S God son was the President, the north was being destroyed while the money meant for security was being shared to political parties and the politician! Hatred for Islam and the Muslim can be read in the government policies and programme.

The elders should speak because even under PMB the christianisation agenda can be read and seen in the government programmes and policies! We have a fanatical senior pastor as the sitting Vice President who is ready to quite when ever his faith is threatened!

The sitting vice president is using his prestigious office to strategically empowered the Christian in this country while we have an alleged fanatical Muslim President who is not concerned about Islam and Muslim development! Yet Ebora of Owu would join the disgruntled elements to raise alarm over Islamisation agenda!

The elders should respond because not only is the country on the path of full christianisation but the christian leadership are fully convinced that this country belongs to them and any attempt to change the status quo must be aggressively fought. The elders should speak because the future of the Muslim youth in this country is not only bleak but not guaranteed! The elders should respond to OBJ because they are mates and their voice will be respected!

This view was written by Sirajudeen Abdulazeez Folayemi, Former National President MSSN, Political and Religious Analyst.

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