How Sports Teams, Clubs Can Use Content Generated By Fans Using JET8’s Fintech Technology



This year JET8 has partnered with Soccer Laduma, UEFA Foundation for Children and Nigerian football pundit, Emeka Enyadike to launch exciting and unique social commerce Apps.

The Apps are focused on building new social communities and encouraging users to create engaging content which the brands, foundations, and influencers can then leverage. JET8 technology is a truly unique social ecosystem. With the technology users are directly rewarded for the content they create. Co-Founder of JET8, Josh Thomson adds, “ Through building global mobile communities for sport-focused brands and influencers using our social commerce app, we have created an opportunity for sports teams to leverage from their fans using the authentic branded content they create.”

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Fans can share branded content and customize their photos and videos with branded Geo-stickers and Geo-frames. Fans are the brand’s true influencers. The bigger the social community of fans the greater the reach! Every year brands spend millions on content creation and influencer partnerships. JET8 offers the opportunity for loyal consumers and fans to become the content creators, and ultimately influence their social circles.

JET8 recently announced the World’s First Social Wallet is a global social platform that offers brands a complete social commerce fintech ecosystem. JET8 Technology allows influencers, brands, and foundations to engage and sell to social communities using user-generated mobile content. With the use of the JET8 social currency, JETPoints, users of the social commerce Apps are rewarded for their content and ultimately their influence as they engage with brands they love and have loyalty towards. The JETPoints earned by users can then be used to redeem products online or in-store across more than 15 000 retail stores globally.

JET8 technology aims to give users a safe, seamless and pleasant experience.

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