Coronavirus: Letter To God By ‘Juwon Afolabi



Dear God,

I’ve got a lot in mind to tell you. It’s however so much soul drowning to inform you that
mankind is under siege. Streets are deserted and young ones are stuck home playing with
feeders. Your rain is everywhere. But, I can tell you that in some nations down here; some have
had rush of rain while many had drops ranging to drop.

An unseen virus is ravaging the earth. The novel virus is sending your creations back to
you. Some were able to complete their missions on earth while many were cut off life abruptly;
they had no time to end their mission.

Down here where only drops of your rain are seen, I have heavy heart to tell you that the
men who dodged themselves to helm of affairs have tapped almost all drops to their homes. This
time, with this virus eating your creations’ lungs, the people under these rain tappers have no
water to drink. I must confess that the people have decided to go about their search of drops;
regardless of dying of thirst or the virus sending them early too you. Your creations here always
say “no leaves drop from a tree without you knowing.” I need you to check again if you have let
these tappers suffer the people or they have been resigned to fate- if anything like such exists in
your place.

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Sophisticated medicine and advance technologies are what the majority down here
believe in getting a cure to the deadly virus. Some believe the herbs you created are humanity
best turn to get a cure. Some of creations are not bothered; they believe with or without the
pandemic, life has got nothing more to offer. They are drowned in oceans of hopelessness. Please
check on them.

Just as I write to you, down here, many have called you through different means. I must
not forget to tell you that many are weary that they are not getting answers or maybe they are
sin-deaf to hear you. But, your men as they are called have littered all corners with varieties of
buildings all in the name of talking to you. Speaking in diverse languages, they have milked off
the people. Only few of them have claimed to have something to offer humanity in this very
trying time. Some would have your creations send their ten percent of things even through the
air. Do not tarry to separate the weeds from tares.

I would like you to give peace to the troubled minds; comfort to the left behind of those
who joined you early; wisdom to man to get cure to save humanity from the deadly virus and
knowledge to deliver mankind from all forms of ignorance.

With heavy heart from your creation.

Oluwajuwonlo Afolabi is a student of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan.

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