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Opinion: Faceless Group Picks APC form For Obaseki By John Mayaki


…..who will appear on Governor’s behalf for screening?

The cataract that clouded the eyes of Governor Godwin Obaseki is clearing. But there remain some glimmers. These residuals, it appears, are too powerful that even as the evening of Obaseki’s hubris arrives, the governor remains blind to the truth.

Earlier today, a host of politicians and serving National Assembly members, including co-aspirants, banded together to nominate and fund Pastor Osagie Izu-Iyamu’s candidacy. They sponsored the purchase of the nomination form having been convinced of the Pastor’s vision, character, and personality.

However, in what seems like a laughable copycatism, Governor Obaseki who had made himself an outcast in his own political party, ran after some wealthy ‘Abuja residents’ to support and fund his purchase of nomination form. By character and nature, the move can easily be deciphered to be a last-ditch effort to save face.

First, the news appeared hours after the unique and consensual nomination form of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu went viral, becoming fodder for the broadcast of media houses across Nigeria. Pained at the reaction of Edo people whose celebration and acceptance looked like one seen after results of general elections are announced, Obaseki went in for the construction of a cut-and-join nomination form purchase, one sponsored by unknown wealthy Abuja residents.

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Not entirely dismissing or entertaining the possibilities that Obaseki may have sponsored the purchase of his nomination form by proxies, it is, however, still shameful even if it is true that faceless and unremarked men funded the nomination form of a sitting governor. It reveals that it is entirely a charade, a contrived process doctored into apparitional reality.

For a governor who considered himself popular, who has for the past few days been bragging that he would emerge victorious regardless of the primary election method used, this latest letdown is a hard hit—one that holds lessons. In an ideal setting, if a sitting governor wants to buy nomination form, it is expected that his Deputy, the SSG, CoS, Commissioners, Council Chairmen, and party Chieftains will join him. But that was not the case today, a day unrecognized pack of people bought the form for the popular Governor Godwin Obaseki.

There are lessons in this except Obaseki may not pick them. But it must be mentioned, regardless. First is that Obaseki, it now appears, is not as popular as he thinks, neither is he the mass-appealing choice. Secondly, the dusk of his tyranny has come and the fall that follows pride is here.

Mayaki is Pastor Ize-Iyamu’s Director of Media and Publicity


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