APC Primaries: Adelami Sends Strong Words To Delegates, Says Another Four Years Of Akeredolu Is Avoidable



Dear APC Delegates, Time to make Ondo Great Again is now

My compatriot delegates, I bring you warm greetings at this auspicious time in our checkered history.

We are on the verge of making a critical decision that will shape not just out lives but that of future generations.

The last four years has no doubt been a story of neglect, hopelessness and despair; no thanks to the decision we made by entrusting the mandate of our great party in the hands of the present occupiers of the seat of government in our sunshine state.

Can we, of a truth, boast that our aspirations have been met across all spheres of human endeavours?

Have we not been scorned by the opposition for the path we chose four years ago?

Can we, of a truth, declare that the present government in all intent and purposes have stood by, and for us?

Did the present Government hear our cries when we spoke out loud that many of our children were forced to drop out of school when our own Government jerked up the tuition fees of public institutions set up to give a lifeline and future to the less privileged?

Were their pigs not growing fat while our lambs are starving?

Our health centers have become commericalised and hard to access for the downtrodden under an administration that looks away while our doctors down tools.

Can we beat our chest that we are indeed happy with the present approach to industrialisation where a few cronnies of those in Government are the beneficiaries? Is this government really for the people?

Despite the noise of Industrialisation that we hear everyday, our dear sunshine state gleefully sits at the bottom of the table on the latest World Bank ranking on Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria, which means that Ondo is the worst place to do business in Nigeria.

Our custodians of the party, to what extent has the government engaged us on governance as earlier promised and can you boast, amongst other things, that your lives have been anything better than it was four years ago? Have you been rewarded for ballots you cast four years ago?

Dear compatriots, it is never too old to learn; never too late to turn; never too late to change the subsisting narratives. Get this, if a man deceives us once, shame on him; if twice, shame on all of us! I am confident that we will not take the path of shame!

Are we ready for another four years of a government of the Father, Mother and Children?

My Dear Delegates, I am a proud Owo son from the Oluka Oribokun Clan of Uka, and the first Owo indigene to have got to the pinnacle of bureaucracy at the National Assembly where I gracefully retired as Deputy Clerk in 2018.

Myself and my Wife, Abosede Olubukola, from the illustrious family of Otunba, in Ogun, our dear neighbours, have lived a life of excellent service, philanthropism and selflessness as epitomized by our Non-profit organization, Elizabeth Foundation, which has given a new lease of life to thousands of orphans, widows and other vulnerable people in our society.

As a loyal party man, I ensured the success of president Muhammadu Buhari in my senatorial district and the return of our party’s senatorial candidate when those who we entrusted our mandate to decided to brazenly work against our interest which led to our poor outing in other senatorial districts in the 2019 elections.

I offer myself today as the new lease of life we have yearned for to get out of the labyrinth of hopelessness we have been condemned to in the last few years.

The perilous times is about to pass. The future is in our hands. Let’s vote rightly tomorrow.


Chief Olayide Adelami, mni
APC Governorship Aspirant, Ondo 2020

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