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Extra: Father Flogs 18-Year-Old Daughter For Joining ‘Porn Hub’ WhatsApp Group


“She’s 18” is currently trending on Twitter as a Nigerian father reportedly flogs his 18-year-old daughter for joining a group chat he warned her against.

In the video posted on Instablog9ja apparently by the girl’s sister, the father is seen flogging the girl and repeatedly reminding her of the earlier warning not to join the unauthorized WhatsApp group.

The nature of the WhatsApp group is yet to be known but some Twitter users suggested it is a ‘Porn’ group where the young ones are exposed to illicit sexual ideas.

Meanwhile, Nigerians who watched the video have purged their minds on the Bird app.

While some queried the legality of the father to flog his 18-year-old daughter, some opined that so far she lives under the father’s roof, she can be punished.

Below are some of the reactions as captured on Twitter:

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@JoanIjie: The problem here shouldn’t only be that she’s 18 ..why do Africans flog their children at every given chance … and people in the comment section are acting like being beaten is a competition.. flogging her and posting it online would just harden her and make her angry

@AsiwajuLerry: Let’s stop using “She’s 18” to justify parental disobedience. There are better options than flogging your kids but it is not an abuse if you get disciplined for disobeying your parents.

@glennificent: U don’t get it, its not about she’s 18 its about not making mistakes you should be making in ur 20s and 30s in ur teen age so you won’t ruin your life. As you get older the discipline reduce and it’ll get to a point your parents won’t even caution you. Don’t support bad decisions.

@omoobadave: She’s 18 but cannot follow simple instruction – “do not join this WhatsApp group”; after disobeying, she is being ‘punished’ for the unduly act & our keypad warlords want to tear down this platform. If police catch her for any offense, won’t she serve the punishment?

@seyistorm: She’s 18 so they can’t beat her, at 23 I still dey collect better slap from mumsy if I do anyhow.

@zealprecious1: Too much America film dey affect us, bcoz u will hear she’s 16, she’s an adult, she can make her decision. How many of una fit do anyhow when una be 18, who go pay una school fees like the way e be for Abroad Face with tongue. Yeye they smell. E na werey kuro lara eh


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