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Reduction Of Tuition Fees Comes On The Heels Of COVID-19 Imposed Economy – Ondo Govt


The Ondo state government has berated the PDP in the state for criticizing the recent move by the government to reduce tuition fees in the state owned tertiary institutions.

The Precision NG reports that Donald Ojogo, Commissioner for Information in a statement on Thursday in Akure, the state capital added that the reduction is coming on the heels of a meticulous and comparative analysis of the COVID-19 imposed economy.

Read full statement below:

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Re: PDP Kicks Over Planned Reduction In Tuition Fees

They Are Still Victims Of Their Anti-people Past

It sounds very illogical that a political party scouting for votes will discourage this people oriented move by the Ondo State Government.

It smacks of laziness for the PDP to hover around a social issue such as the payment of tuition fees in the political parachutes. From all indications, the party still wallows in its anti people past even as the responsiveness of the Akeredolu led government to the potential hardship imposed on parents by a post COVID-19 economy appears to have deflated a brewing campaign weaved around school fees.

For the avoidance of doubt, the planned review or possible reduction of tuition fees is not political. It comes on the heels of a meticulous and comparative analysis of the COVID-19 imposed economy as well as those of other sister institutions, especially in the South West.

We have said it before and we repeat- Governor Akeredolu will not play politics with the lives of the people as was the case under the immediate past PDP administration where workers were owed several months of unpaid salaries amid plenty. It makes the PDP’s case more meaningless when the prodded product was part of such system.

Donald Ojogo
Commissioner for Information and Orientation


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