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How Nigerian Muslims Can Live With The Quran – Imam Agboke

Mutiu Agboke

The Chief Imam of Albarka Islamic Society of Nigeria, Mutiu Agboke, esq has challenged Muslims to live by the Quran, even though they are not in an Islamic state.

He said this involves a conscious effort by Muslims to live by the Quran in its essence and application covering both the mundane and spiritual aspects of their lives without the existence of any government established based of sharia law.

Agboke who is also the Chief Missionary of the society, was speaking at the monthly Ta’alim session of Dawah Front of Nigeria held on January 10, 2021 at Kobiti Central Mosque, Kobiti, Abeokuta.

The law practitioner observed that living by the Quran, helps a Muslim forsake or disregard all other forms of instructions from all other sources or authorities.

“Prophet Mohammad was a living Quran talking about his character according to Aisha (R.A).

“A Muslim scholar saying “yeeeeparipa sango olukoso” after a terrific thunder strike heralding rain fall. Another person saying after “Ya Allah, it is Ya iyase”. A Muslim couple waited for 25yrs with no issue, but needed to succumb to pressure of family tradition before a child can be given birth to. Your father or mother dies, you still believe in ‘ijo mejo’, ‘ogoji ojo’, ‘Gbogbogbo’. Who among them had lived by the holy Quran please? NONE,” Agboke queried.

He also identified some obstacles to living by the Quran in a non-Islamic state to include, self-knowledge that is not properly founded or measured, cultural influence, science and technology, peer group i.e. through clubbing and bad associations.

Agboke also admonished Muslims on the issue of marriage and sex.

“It is not the responsibility of religion of Islam to stipulate the posture of sexual intercourse. But a Muslim who intends to live by and with the holy Quran and practical life of Prophet Mohammad does not require Islamic state to do that. He must make effort to be abreast of the pronouncements of Prophet Mohammad in this regard. For example, Islam prohibits intercourse at the anus,” he said.

The Imam also emphasized on halal business dealings among the faithful, adding that issues like gambling, betting, investing in intoxicants, prostitution and begging should be dumped.

Agboke said a Muslim would be living by the Quran when he or she act upon the message in it.

“How do I live better with the Holy Quran?  Read the holy Quran with view to receiving messages from your lord and act upon it. Do not read the Quran with sonorous voice and ENJOY it. Do not just enjoy the Quran. Sonorous voice is part of beautifying the Quran in recitation though,” he said.

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