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Insecurity In SW: A Slap Or Revelation On Amotekun By Taofiq Adesina Azeez

File: The launching of the Amotekun security outfit in Ibadan on Thursday 9th January
  1. I’m a communicator. But I hate talks, especially palaver. I will, therefore, speak straight to the point using the KISS(Keep It Short and Simple) principle.
  2. We all know that Security is the main reason a government, (any government) is “allowed”.
  3. Governments are merely allowed or tolerated by the Powers that be either as Trado-mystical which others consult and rely upon or Roman-christo illuminatic which majority (especially the elite) subscribes to and which determines the Democratic or “Demon cratic” game per direction or dimensions or the dormant or moribund Arabo- muslim indoctrination which plays hide and seek with people’s lives and gives tacit support to oppression upon receipt of pittance from the feudal lords and Satanists in the US or Saudi-America.
  4. My honest feeling, due to my observation and experience, is that Governments in the South West have joined others to FAIL and, therefore, have no earthly reason to continue to exist.
  5. With the spate of insecurity across the South West of Nigeria in spite of the NOISE, the Propaganda and the profligacy that attended the imposition of Amotekun and the apparent helplessness of this money spinning and ATM security outfit, it is either the outfit was meant for something else or has been exposed as a crippled outfit which corruption has disallowed to function.
  6. Speaking simply, South West Governments have only ONE option. They should SCRAP the failed Amotekun and exploit all necessary Security apparatus, including Trado-mystical and Religious (both muslim and Christian) powers if indeed, the powers are real and effective, to restore security to the South West.
  7. We should be warned that delay or failure to ACT NOW is a courteous invitation to anarchy that may be worse than what obtains in the north and other parts of Nigeria.
  8. We should be reminded that Boko Haram used to be “Ecomog”, a Political and Security outfit in Borno State. And we all know the antecedent of the South East and Niger-Delta militants.
  9. Scrap Amotekun now or risk greater insecurity.
  10. A word is quite sufficient for the wise.

Prof Taofiq Adesina Azeez writes from University of Abuja.

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