Just In: Angela Merkel Reverses Easter Covid-19 Lockdown Order

German Chancellor Angela Merkel takes her face mask off as she arrives to a press conference at the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, on March 19, 2021. - Chancellor Angela Merkel conferred with the governors of the country's 16 states to discuss how to move forward with the vaccination in Germany. (Photo by Michael Sohn / POOL / AFP)

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has reversed the lockdown announced few days ago ahead of this year’s Easter celebration.

Merkel on Wednesday told state premiers in a video call that there would not be a strict lockdown over Easter after all.

This follows a day of criticism and confusion in Germany, DW reports.

Merkel is not the only one reversing the decision as other leaders of Germany’s 16 states have all agreed to reverse their plan to toughen virus lockdown measures over Easter.

Wednesday’s impromptu video call comes amid a torrent of criticism in Germany over the latest plans to try and curb the spread of COVID-19.

Participants in the meeting told German news agencies soon after it began that Merkel had told the state premiers that a planned tougher lockdown over the Easter bank holiday would not take place after all.

The proposal had met fierce criticism from churches in particular.

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