The Elites Are Fostering Insecurity, Poverty On Nigerians – AlHikmah Varsity Don


The Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Prof. Abdul-Lateef Oladimeji has accused the Nigerian elites of fostering insecurity and poverty on the populace in order to continue their hold on power.

Oladimeji spoke at a luncheon organised by the University of Ife Muslim Graduates Association (UNIFEMGA) at the weekend.

The varsity don reminded the elites on the need to fear God whom they will all be accountable to when they died.

“Government should address more holistically the issue of poverty alleviation as well as economic empowerment in the country so that idle hands are not used for creating violence and insecurity in the country.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria should address more sincerely the problems of the Al-majiris with the view to properly engaging them in meaningful skills so that mischief makers do not employ this innocent youths for criminal activities.

“Nigeria should be properly overhauled in order to meet the requirements of Nigerians on democratization. The present political office holders creates more problems than solutions by their flagrant promotion of corruption at all levels of governance,” he said.

He challenged the Nigerian elites to live above board and discharge their duties to the people with sincerity as that is the only solution to the present imbroglio.

“Nigerian leaders should exhibit honesty, transparency and the fear of God in their activities so that Nigeria shall continue to enjoy the spirit of true multi ethnic and multi religious society.

“Policy makers should be sincere, realistic, practical and pragmatic in their approach to policy making. Hope only comes to a people when policy directions are driven by the real needs of the people and in their best interests.

“For Nigeria to hold her head high within the global community of nations, her people must enjoy enduring peace, security and stability within their national borders, and this must in turn bring about developmental dividends, that will improve the lives of generations of Nigerians to come,” Oladimeji said.

The academic also enjoined Muslim elites to form a group such as UNIFEMGA that will work in tandem with the Qur’anic position on being a vanguard for peace, progress and properity.

“The Nigerian leaders should endeavor to promote peaceful coexistence among the various ethnic and religious groups in the country. Prophet Muhammad and many other notable Islamic rulers after him demonstrated how best to relate with non-Muslims in a multi-religious community like Nigeria.

“Furthermore, access to the corridors of power should not be seen as an avenue to enrich one’s pocket as obtained today in many leaders. Nigerian elites should avoid parochialism in their sociopolitical and economic interactions. They should see beyond their tribal affiliation and take Nigeria as a unified entity,” he said.

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