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Diamond Group Holds Seminar On Copyright & Digital Investment

Toyyib Olaniyi Musa-Omoloja

The Diamond group is holding its second internal seminar today Friday April 2 in Owo council area of Ondo state.

The seminar title is “The Future Requires A Broader Vista Of Competencies” with the theme “copyright and digital investment”.

Toyyib Olaniyi Musa-Omoloja, ArchDiamond of the group in his welcome address to the participants at the seminar, urged them to take advantage of the event to maximize their human capacity development.

Below is the full text:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the second edition of our Statutory Annual Training And Public Engagement. The second leg of this edition, which will be public engagement, will come up later in the year.

As a group, our insistence on training and retraining and public engagement as part of the flagship programmes of the association is premised on the centrality of human capital to societal development process on the one hand, and the need to conscientise the public about their best interests, which unfortunately, they may be oblivious of, on the other hand.

The theme for today’s seminar, ‘Copywriting and Digital Investment’, cannot be more apt, as it reflects the changing texture of the global economy and the attendant skill sets required to participate productively in it.

Today, copywriting is one of the most lucrative writings fetching people huge returns while they enjoy the coziness of their rooms. The same is also applicable to digital investments, which is disrupting traditional investments we are all familiar with. And such disruptions will even become more pronounced as national economies found the wisdom to accommodate these disruptions within their regulatory matrix.

The reality, whether we like or loathe it, is that, many of the traditional jobs we are familiar with, will no longer exist or loose their edge, in few years to come. Therefore, the need to evolve creatively with the emerging economic realities becomes an imperative.

But beyond all of this, is the need for us, as diamonds, to seize the bull by the horns, and acquire multiple competencies, which apparently constitutes a veritable component of the tools needed to productively harness the possibilities of the changing dynamics of the global economic outlook.

The resource person, Segun Olowoyo, who doubles as a member of the group, is a consultant in this genre of economic realities of our time. Segun is well equipped for the role both intellectually and experientially.

As a group, in tandem with our vision which is to catalyse the journey for national redemption by leveraging on personal development and direct engagement of the political process, we will not waiver in our resolve to continue to better ourselves so as to achieve a life more abundant for ourselves, and the people of Nigeria, whenever we have the opportunity at the decision making table. But then, no decision could be better than the struggle to continually strive, at all times, to better one’s perceived best

Distinguished diamonds, you are welcome to this seminar which promises to be both enlightening and empowering. Enjoy the class, please.

Thank you.


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