Foundation Seeks End To Depression Occasioned By Lack Of Spouses Among Muslims

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“The increasing rate of depression in Nigeria as a country is becoming alarming, hence the need for leaders in our society to rise to the challenge.”

This was the advice from the founder of Islamisgood Foundation, Alhaji Qozeem Oladapo in a statement issued at the weekend in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Alhaji Oladapo who said many people especially women both old and young are suffering from depression due to the non-availability of spouses and life partners.

He said though an affiliate of his foundation known as Muslim Spouse Seekers Forum (MSSF) has been trying its best at matchmaking desirous muslims but the number of those who lack spouse outweighs those married through the platform.

The media practitioner noted that religious leaders in the country needed to be more concerned about the private lives of adherents in a bid to save many from dying in silence.

He cited examples of some clients especially females who have been battling depression and loneliness but were gradually getting over it due to the audience, attention, counselling and affection accorded such persons through the Foundation.

Alhaji Qozeem Oladapo who began free matchmaking and counselling services in 2017 with at least 20 successful marriages to his credit, said it has been challenging dealing with the increasing number of clients as matchmaking requires divine guidance rather than just sentiment.

He said if more religious organizations and leaders key into the initiative of helping those in need of spouses, it will immensely help adherents psychologically, mentally and religiously, adding that many have gone astray due to the frustration while temptation was also weighing many people down.

He urged those who are ripe and ready for marriage both christians and muslims to seek the services of counsellors, while calling on people to take up voluntary services to help those in need for them to deal with the situation either they are single, divorced or even married.

Alhaji Oladapo whose Foundation is also into catering for the welfare of vulnerable Muslims, said being married does not mean one does not need help, adding that all three classes of people always have issues to deal with either spiritually, morally or economically.

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