Cleric Identifies Fragile Ideological Differences As Bane Of Disunity Among Muslims

Mutiu Agboke


An Islamic Cleric, Dr Mutiu Agboke, esq, has identified fragile ideological differences as the bane of disunity among Muslims.

Dr Agboke stated this at the monthly Dawah Front of Nigeria Taalim session held at Egba Central Mosque, Kobiti, Abeokuta, recently.
He spoke on the topic, “Islam and the Unity of the Ummah: Instructions to Modern Day Muslims.”         

Agboke, who is the Resident Electoral Commissioner, INEC Oyo state affirmed that ideological differences cannot unify anyone in the Muslim community.

“Muslims fail to realise the fact that the first recipients of Islamic messages of Islam were Prophet Mohammad and the companions in the presence of whom there was no need or basis for ideological diversity. Note that there is a difference between ideological diversity and expression of difference of opinion on issues. 

“Expectedly, his exit allowed for diversity of the understanding and the interpretation of the various issues of Islam. Therefore, to my own mind, no opinion of any scholar in Islam is full proof and flawless. Not even our peculiar Quranisation of issues of Islam is absolute and error free.   

“All that we need to do as Muslims in our attitudes to others is “This is true; I don’t interfere with others. If others are good, this is my own position based on my understanding.

“We should desist from saying: “This is the only true way; others are all false. Only mine is good, others are all wrong, unpleasant and unacceptable.”

The legal practitioner also identified needless envy and jealousy as another factor bedeviling the Muslims. 

“This is not only among the Muslims but among those who are supposed to be scholars of Islam. There is also lack of respect to other peoples’ opinion and excesses. Creation of groupings that have no value to add to Muslim Community. Orchestrated attack on fellow Muslims in form of abuses, blackmail, scandal and spreading of unfounded tales about one and other.”

“Let me attempt to instruct the ummah here that we all came to this world at difference times. No one should be complacent or be sure with certainty that any position he holds or his attitude in the religion will adequately unite Muslims, if not demonstrated or upheld with moderation and spirit of togetherness.”

Dr Agboke further admonished that Muslims should let their unity be sustained in diversity for the good of all.

“Not only with the Muslims, the non-Muslims alike must be held together but not to extent of the worship of their religion. If Allah had willed all of us would have been one with same idiosyncrasy, mannerism, pattern of thinking etc, but everything has been given to us as test. 

“Allah declares: and unto thee we have revealed the scripture with the truth, confirming whatever was before it, and a watcher over it. So Judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires away from the truth which hath come unto thee. For each we have appointed a divine law and traced out way. Had Allah willed He could have made you one community. But that he may try you by that which he hath given you (He has made you as you are). So vie with one another in good works. Unto Allah ye will all return, and He will them inform you of that wherein ye differ,” Agboke concluded citing Quran 5 vs 48.

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