Godday Erewa, Renowned For Rebuilding Burnt Ondo PDP Secretariat Joins Senate Race



Mr Godday Erewa, a governorship aspirant under the PDP in Ondo State in the 2020 governorship, has declared his intention to contest the southerner senatorial seat.

Erewa renowned for rebuilding the PDP secretariat that was burnt during the 2020 #ENDSARS protest while announcing his declaration on Tuesday, said the Erewa 2023 campaign group would be the driving force to actualize his ambition.

Below is the full text of Prince Godday Erewa’s declaration statement:


As patriots, the worrisome state of our dear nation, imposes on us all, a dire responsibility to reflect critically on the way forward for our dear nation, which is declining in development with an endangered citizenry, just as the recent happenings in the country portend doom if we do not rise to this challenge which stares at every one of us in the face.

For me as an individual, I do not take with a pinch of salt, this seemingly worrisome tragedy of a nation which has reduced a once prosperous nation to her kneels on the heels of cluelessness in governance with loss of bearing or direction, dashing hopes and bringing despair upon her citizenry. I am truly poised to join other well-meaning patriots to embark on the much craved rescue mission, as I know not of any nation other than Nigeria that I can call my country.

The task at hand is beyond the blame game of pointing accusing fingers at the handlers of the nation, neither is it about our overt moaning, groaning and lamentations In the stead, it is time to gear up to form a strong-willed machinery that will fix our nation.

My ideological belief over the years has been to set out on a mission to contribute my quota as a citizen, to the development of our society and with every sense of modesty, I humbly note that I been faithful to this commitment evident by my several sponsored corporate social responsibility initiatives for the benefit of my immediate constituents, my dear State, and the nation at large.

In the spirit of patriotism, a clarion call again beckons on me to assume further, and a higher societal responsibility centered around service to our people with utmost sincerity of purpose. My foray into politics has been premised on my self-determination to lend support to well meaning efforts to foster economic prosperity and unprecedented development of our dear nation and I remain undeterred in actualizing this task.

As a staunch and abiding member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I am convinced that my party the PDP is better positioned in terms of ideology, experience, and nation-wide acceptability, to fix our nation and rescue it from its decadent way of governance foisted on us by the APC administration.

To this end I am joining hands in the PDP rescue mission, giving my all and thus committing my innate abilities and capabilities to serve as a representative of the people.

I, Prince Goodday Erewa on this 1st day of February 2022, make public my humble intention to contest for the Ondo South Senatorial seat in the 10th National Assembly. With a deep sense of humility, I pledge to pursue this aspiration with genuine purpose to serve my people. This project christened EREWA 2023 warmly welcomes everyone on board to join hands in support of the realization of this noble aspiration poised to restore the confidence of our people through vibrant representation.

The EREWA 2023 Campaign Group shall form the vehicle for coordinating this project.

Together we shall fix our dear nation.
God bless the good people of Ondo South Senatorial District.

God bless the good people of Ondo State.

God bless our dear nation.

Prince Godday Erewa

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