BTO: Why We’re Supporting His Re-election – Akoko Monarchs (Full Text)




That after careful discussions and considerations, the Traditional Rulers in Akoko North East Local Government and Akoko North West Local Government have jointly resolved to expressly give our approval to the reelection bid in the forthcoming 2023 election of our son, Rep. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo to represent our people at the Federal House of Representatives.

  1. After giving considerable thoughts, we have decided to endorse the political credentials of our dear son, Rep. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, which is widely treated and strongly backed by our people and far beyond our constituency.
  2. Besides the overwhelming grassroot support of Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, we have thoroughly gone through the credentials of the candidate in question and have equally analysed his performance since he was elected to represent our constituency in 2019 till date.
  3. The efforts he has put into solving insecurity in our communities is commendable. After converging the stakeholders to discuss the insecurity in our constituency, he facilitated patrol vehicles and logistics for the use of the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies in the Constituency. This has considerably helped in stabilizing security in our towns.
  4. The poor conditions of our Hospitals has led to the avoidable deaths of many of our people. However, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo has changed the story by facilitating mobile clinics, tricycle ambulances and medical equipments for Primary Health Care Centers across the federal constituency such as:

(a) Primary Health Clininc Okoja, Ikare Akoko

(b) Primary Health Clinic, Okeagbe Akoko

(c) Primary Health Clinic Igasi/Eriti Akoko.

(d) Primary Health Clinic Oyin Akoko.

(e) Primary Health Clinic Afin Akoko.

(f) Primary Health Clinic Ikaram/Iyani Akoko.

(g) Primary Health Clinic Omitowoju, Ogbagi Akoko.

(h) Primary Health Clinic Akunnu Akoko

(i) Primary Health Clinic Ise Akoko.

(j) Primary Health Clinic Iboropa Akoko.

(k) Primary Health Clinic Okegbe, Ikare Akoko.

(l) Primary Health Clinic, Ishakunmi, Ikare Akoko.

(m) Primary Health Clinic Okela, Ikare Akoko.

(n) Primary Health Clinic Ugbe Akoko.

(o) Primary Health Clinic Odo Irun, Irun Akoko.

(p) Primary Health Clinic Odiolowo, Arigidi Akoko.

  1. He has facilitated the reconnection of our communities through regular construction of roads, more than we have witnessed since the advent of democracy in 1999. This has improved the economy of our constituency as we can now easily transport our produce. Some of the roads include:

(a) Owatumise road to Ugbe Akoko
(b) Oyinmo road in Ikare Akoko
(c) Akunnu-Ajowa road
(d) Okeagbe Akoko township Road
(e) Ikaram – Ase Akoko Road
(f) Irun Akoko township Road
(g) Arigidi-Okeagbe Akoko road
(h)Afin-Okeagbe Akoko Road
(i) Ogbagi Akoko township Road.
(j) Sabo Ugbe – Olokun Arigidi Akoko road
(k) Omulu – Ofamata road Ugbe Akoko
(l)Police Station junction Ugbe Akoko – Secretariat Ikare Akoko road
(m) Aunty Bisi – Gbopan Road Ugbe Akoko
(n) Alhaja Memunatu street road Ugbe Akoko
(o) Oando – Wura Ola street road Ugbe Akoko.
(p) Auga Akoko Township Road,

There are currently ongoing road projects in many other communities .

  1. In addition to the construction of several classroom blocks, skills acquisition centers were also built in Arigidi Akoko and Ogbagi Akoko. Some of the schools include:

(a) 2 blocks of six classroom in Okeagbe High School, Okeagbe Akoko.

(b) 1 block of six classroom in Eye Oke High School, Oyin Akoko

(c) 1 block of six classroom in Ilemopo Comprehensive High School, Irun Akoko.

(d) 1 block of six classroom in Comprehensive High School, Oke igbede Ikare Akoko

(e) 1 block of six classroom in Community High School, Iboropa Akoko.

He has been making provisions of free 1,000 UTME Forms and tutorials for our children who are interested in tertiary education every year. He has also organised mathematical competition to enhance the development of STEM education in our secondary schools.

A computer center was also refurbished and equipped in Akoko Anglican Grammar school, Arigidi Akoko. A new ICT centre is presently being built in Federal Science and Technical College, Ikare Akoko.

  1. Industrial boreholes were also constructed in Ogbagi Akoko, Ugbe Akoko, Okorun Ikare Akoko, Ikaram Akoko, Ajowa Akoko, Agboriki Ilepa Ikare Akoko.
  2. The Council of Traditional Rulers in each local government were given a bus each for easy movement.
  3. Communities like Ekan Ikare Akoko, Ilepa Ikare Akoko, Irun Akoko that have been in darkness for a very long period of time are now enjoying electricity as they were supplied with new 500KVA transformers and reconnected.
  4. Everyday, we get the news that more of our youths are being employed, market women and other traders being empowered.
  5. In view of the above, we have enormous faith in our reckoning and are absolutely confident about his success at the polls and subsequent performance.
  6. We therefore resolve to give our total and unflinching support to ensure he is reelected for the continuity of this unprecedented effective representation of our Constituency.


HRM Oba Akadri Momoh
Olukare of Ikare Akoko

HRM Oba (CDRE) A.O Momodu
Akala of Ikaram Akoko

HRM Oba Victor Adetona (JP)
Owa of Ogbagi

HRM Oba (Dr.) Alh. Yisa Olanipekun (IV)
Zaki of Arigidi

HRM Oba Samuel Bayode Agboola
Onirun Of Irun Akoko

HRM Oba Adegbite Adedoyin
Owa Ale of Ikare Akoko

HRM Oba Walidi Sanni
Olugedegede of Gedegede

HRM Oba T.S Ipinmiroti (JP)
Oluro of Uro Ajowa

HRM Oba Oloruntoba Bello
Ewi of Aje Okeagbe

HRM Oba L.O Bamisile (JP)
Oloyin of Oyin

HRM Oba C.O Jimoh (JP)
Oloso of Oso Ajowa

HRM Oba R.O Atibioke (JP)
Olubaram of Ibaram

HRM Oba D.O Adewunmi (JP)
Elese of Ese

HRM Oba J.S Daudu
Oluyani of Iyani

HRM Oba Richard Ayodele
Onise of Ise

HRM Oba Babatunde Olayele
Oluboropa of Iboropa

HRM Oba (Prof) Abduraheem M. Adejoro
Alafin of Afin

HRM Oba Adedeji Awojulu
Oludo of Ido Okeagbe

HRM Oba Amos Sunday Ogunleye
Eleriti of Eriti

HRM Oba Kayode Olusa (JP)
Oludotun of Iludotun

HRM Oba Alex Jimoh Sekeseke Adodo II
Owage of Okeagbe Akoko

HRM Oba Agunloye Samuel
Alauga of Auga Akoko

HRM Oba Oladunjoye Fajana
Ajana of Afa Okeagbe

HRM Oba Adewale Afiwasaye
Olojo of Ojo Ajowa

HRM Oba Sunday Mogaji
Osunla of Erusu Akoko

Princess Oladunni Ireti
Regent of Ase Akoko

Princess Ipinlaye Mojirade
Regent of Igasi

Princess Obasoro
Regent of Akunnu Akoko

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