Update: APC’s Adamu Garba To Return Donations For Botched Presidential Ambition



Adamu Garba, an aspirant vying for the Presidential seat under the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Tuesday announced his withdrawal from the race.

Garba had also announced that his campaign organization garnered over 83 million naira from private and public donations .

A section of the Nigerian public however, expressed reservations on what would become such huge amount of money, since the aspirant has stepped down from the race.

In a swift reaction on Wednesday, the Adamawa born politician urged donors to state their details of donation, as it would be refunded forthwith.

“Some of you who donated online might have forgotten the amount. Hence we’ve requested a full statement of account from our bank.

“We’ll publish the list of all the donors & their contributions. Simply highlight your name, email us your details, we’ll validate & refund.

“This we believe will help to make it easier for the donors while also help those making claims to authenticate their claims properly.

“However, we might have drop out of APC race but this is not over yet. We still have a lot more to do.

“We must work to rebuild Nigeria together. Thank you,” he said.

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