June 12: Deepening Democracy With Our Actions, Not Mere Rhetorics – Adeogun



June 12 is not just historic but one important day that reminds us all of our avowed commitments to the tenets of democracy hinged on the rule of law, fairness, equity and selfless service.

Unfortunately, the political space as at today is peopled with hypocrites who say one thing and do the other. They have successfully crippled the growth of democracy. They lord where democracy preaches lobbying. They hate dissenting voices that challenge their inordinate intentions to plunder and rape the common people beyond redemption.

How best do we deepen democracy if not in the freedom to aspire? How do we raise the bar of democratic tenets when the citizens do not have a say on who leads them at any level? Shall we continue to pay lips service to the development of our land? Shall we continue to glorify impunity?

Dear constituents, we must do a thorough soul-searching and repent from sinning against democracy. We must align our words with our actions as leaders to ensure that we protect the sanctity of the system.

The biggest burden is on leaders or followers who love what they hate at the same time. The moral albatross is hanging on the neck of those who engage in double standard. They are the real enemies of democracy.

Unless our passion for leadership is for service, we cannot get it right. Unless we practically understand the enormity of responsibilities conjured by the plurality of votes of a free people on the leaders, we may continue to see our exalted offices as fiefdoms where nobody should have a say.

Hope beckoning on hope, this land shall be a great place in no distant time. We wish the good people of Akoko South East and West Federal Constituency a happy Democracy Day.

Signed :
Abire Sunday Olugbenga
Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to Hon Ade Adeogun.

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