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The marketing aspect of every category of business whether profit or non profit have a significant impact in the growth and development of that business and deploying the right marketing approach is of great importance.

Marketing as a subject have a broader view and it addresses every sphere that makes up the structure of a business, enterprise or organization regardless on the mode of operation.

The reality is that many people today lack the technical know how of deploying the right marketingapproach. In this article, Much emphasis and credence is given to a unique aspect of marketing which is relationship marketing, it’s unique in the sense that it result to getting more recommendations and we delve into the analysis of getting feedbacks also known to be satisfaction from the customer and continuous loyalty regrading service derived from their experience.

In management, there is a course that is relatable to the relationship aspect of marketing known to be Customer Relationship Management also known as (CRM) a strategy and effort deployed to intertwine relationships with customers and provide satisfying services to them for more sales enablement. This strategy is adoptable to drive intending plans towards getting feedbacks that are realistic and enabling customers give their honest opinion about how their requests is being met and also working procedures of one’s enterprise, business or organization.

The need to equally integrate a surveying system in collecting responses in which data analysis can be adopted to give a clearer view of responses emanated from the customer experience is an ideal approach in getting more clarity about their perspective about one’s enterprise business or organization Since we’re considering the angle of satisfaction which is the first step in validating the customer experience which result to the loyalty stage that indicate continuous patronage on the part of the customer showing that the customer have built a level confidence in s services provided and there is willingness to go to any length as regards recommendation which will definitely affect positively the growth and development of one’s enterprise. There is a survey which can be adopted to address the two stages, the satisfaction and loyalty stage
The significant difference between customer satisfaction surveys and customer loyalty surveys is that customer satisfaction surveys are focused on measuring customers’ current attitudes, their level of responsiveness as regards services being rendered to them where as customer loyalty surveys focus on predicting customer behavior and attitudes it gives a perception of whether the customer is willing to engage on a long term considering the experience so but stages address the issue of periodity, time frame. Some customers might be satisfied but they’re not willing to give their loyalty to your service. While dealing with them we should prioritize achieving their loyalty which is advantageous to the visibility and viability of our business.

Customer loyalty measures something more than satisfaction — it measures whether someone is willing to put their name on the line and recommend your product or service to others or if they are willing to stick with your product/service in spite of an occasional poor experience.

Understanding the Customer’s Needs is very crucial it drives your attention to your target audience,, giving you the opportunity to leverage on what is important and urgent to work on and Listening to Feedbacks helps in the improvement of how service is being rendered. and should be rendered.

Feedbacks is an avenue to show one’s customers you care about their interests, it’s a two way system it equally give you an opportunity to work on their opinions, because customers are always right and their opinion counts to a great extent and this are metrics that should be careful analysed enabling a product or service Stay relevant in the market.

Setting Realistic Expectations keeps you in check and avoid you being in a state of jeopardy. It enables you to focus on the end goal, your expectations are fashioned towards a specific end result and equally give a mental picture of what your present and future sales growth will look like considering the extent of patronage from your customers and you are able to Pay adequate Attention to Your Competitors as a well considering what you’re expecting.

Your eagerness to do a comparative analysis of what you’re experiencing in terms of sales enablement and customer engagement.

The aspect of Communication particularly being consistent and deliberate with Your Customers can’t be overemphasize, we should understand it is the fuel behind achieving the relationship aspect of marketing, it enables you build cordial relationship with your customers, you get to know better their emotional intelligence level towards getting your service. You’re able to deduce extensively from every conversation you’ve with them
Making User Experience an utmost Priority is another way to facilitate relationship marketing that result to customer satisfaction and loyalty, the User experience is put up thru digital platform a computerize system in which the customer is relaying their feedback in the absence of face time. It’s an experience that involves an interaction with the computer in response to what have been collated analyses thru a programmable system which have been set up with existing parameters with a scaling process and more so Fostering Loyalty through Proactive Customer Relations and engagement also fuel the atmosphere for relationship marketing, sometimes you don’t wait until the customer give their feedback, you set up a conversation that will create an opportunity for dialogue and continuous conversation.

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