Olabimtan: With Tinubu, Nigeria Will Get It Right



The APC Presidential Flag Bearer, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been described as the last opportunity for the Yoruba Race and Nigeria, to get it right.

The Chairman of the Ondo State Chapter of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Solidarity Vanguard, Rt Hon. Victor Olabimtan made this statement at a meeting with Executives of the Support Group.

Olabimtan lamented the Spate of insecurity and economic woes into which Nigeria has been plunged, saying Tinubu is the last man standing, to bail the country out of its predicaments.

The Former Speaker pleaded with the entire country take advantage of the opportunity being availed it, by voting enblock for Tinubu, as he is the only one that can break the Circle of Poverty, Embezzlement and Insecurity.

The Ondo BATS Vanguard Chairman said he needs Tinubu to become President come 2023, not because of what he can gain, but because of what this Beacon of Hope can do for Nigeria.

He said with the help of the State Governor who worked assiduously with others to ensure Tinubu’s emmergence as APC Candidate, BATS Vanguard will work hard to ensure Tinubu gets at least 80% of Ondo State Votes.

Olabimtan appealed to the Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) and other interest groups agrieved by the Muslim -Muslim Ticket and by the Choice of Shettima as Running Mate, to sheath their swords, as the decision was not to undermine any one or group, but a winning strategy.

He urged all Executives and Members of the Ondo State BATS Vanguard to swing into action and map out strategy to ensure Tinubu wins Ondo State with landslide victory.

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