1,234 Members Unveiled As LP’s Campaign Council



The Labour Party on Wednesday published a full list of 1,234 members of its Presidential Campaign Council, 2023 with Mohammed Zarewa, an Assistant Inspector General of Police (retd.), as chairman.

Dr. Doyin Okupe, a former spokesperson of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, emerged the Director-General of the Labour Party campaign team while Messrs Clement Ojukwu and Yunusa Tanko were named secretary and spokesperson of the PCC respectively.

The labour party’s presidential campaign council unveiled at a press conference in Abuja, also had different directorates and each headed by a director.

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony, Okupe expressed optimism that the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, had at least 15 million voters “in the bag,” while about 80 percent of new voters were his active supporters.

According to the former presidential spokesman, about 60 per cent of Nigeria’s 38 million social media users were registered to vote, and up to 50 per cent of them are ‘Obidients’, a Monika for Peter Obi supporters.

Okupe also took a swipe at the ruling All Progressives Congress and its arch-rival, the People’s Democratic Party, describing them as expired commodities with defective structures. He stressed that both the APC and PDP presidential candidates would have been disqualified from the start of the presidential race if the electoral umpire were strict on application of the rules. According to him, the process that produced presidential candidates of both the APC and PDP were flawed.

Hear him: “I am not talking about the dubious nature of educational records, nor even allegations of foreign court certified criminal narcotic records , nor any basis of poor health, and not even of falsified or advanced age but I refer to the fundamental parameters of competence and character, where none of these other known candidates, measure up in any way to the sterling qualities of Peter Obi and Dr. Yusuf Datti-Ahmed.

“Similarly, on the considerations of true nationalism, geographical equity and fairness of ticket, none of them come close.

“The PDP candidate is a product of an unjust and dishonourable process that clearly violates the equitable rights of tntire southern Nigeria and the desire for balance in presidential power, already enshrined in the constitution and history of that party which was shamelessly subverted by subterfuge, and indeed anything built on injustice ungodliness and evil conspiracy can never stand.

“As for the APC, the presidential candidacy is fundamentally flawed through the adoption of a skewed and insensitive Muslim-Muslim ticket, despite all objections across religious lines in a highly religiously sensitive country like Nigeria and at a time were all reason, calls for maturity, fairness, equity, justice and balance for the good of the country.

Okupe further disclosed that the Nigerian youths, by their “new, unprecedented demonstration of political vibrancy, have signaled to the failing and fading established political order, and transactional political class, that they are tired of the leadership failure that has brought Nigeria, the giant of Africa, to her knees today.”

“The arrogant, corrupt and clearly selfish practices of this old order politicians and their parties, who believe they can always buy their way into power, and always compromise every institution, have now been spotlighted and stand totally rejected by this new class of Nigerian voters.

“The large crowds of highly disciplined, self-organised, self-funded, self-motivated and clearly trans-ethnic-politico-religious groups and vocal associations of youths simultaneously calling for a new political culture and new leadership personae, across all the country’s political regions, in a sustained, orderly but insistent manner, is a clear call and warning to us as a country to sit up, shape up and do what is right, before it becomes too late.”

He called on security agencies to stand tall against all nefarious political practices, and vile tendencies, that may want to sabotage the peace and progressive march of the country.

Okupe said the 2023 general elections was the biggest test for the Independent National Electoral Commission, maintaining that the commission had no choice, but to act as a fair, impartial, fearless and patriotic umpire.

Okupe said, “The notorious practice of compromising the system with corrupt inducement and money politics and the manipulation of the regulatory and security agencies, is no longer the norm and will be hard to fly in these elections.

“Already, we have seen earlier this year, in this very dispensation, how corrupt money politics and evil political conspiracies have destroyed unity, peace and cohesion and stifled healthy democratic determination in the internal structures of political parties, leading to heightened tensions and political disaffection.
“But we cannot allow these unhealthy practices to continue to truncate the destiny of our nation. As leaders who profess love for the country and the people we aspire to lead, we must resolve to put a stop to these practices, this time and commit to playing fairly by the rules.

“To the vast Nigerian majority who are wallowing in the unmerited poverty and sordid deprivations that decades of poor leadership has foisted on our country, the coming 2023 election offers you a great chance to use your vote to turn around the situation.”

SEE Comprehensive List Of Labour Party Campaign Council:
1 Aig. Mohammed Zarewa (Campaign Council Chairman)
2 Comr Julius Abure (Party Chairman)
3 He. Mr. Peter Obi (Presidential Candidate)
4 Sen. Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed (Vice Presidential Candidate)
5 Comr. Clement Ojukwu (Council Secretary)
6 Alh. Bashiru Apapa Lamidi (Member)
7 Alh. Umar Farouk Ibrahim (Member)
8 Mrs. Oluchi Opara (Member)
9 Barr. Akingbide Oyelekan (Member)
10 Mr. Gbenga Daramola (Member)
11 Mrs. Dudu Manuga (Member)
12 Comr. Anslem Eragbe (Member)
13 Prince Reuben Favour (Member)
14 Comr. Adi Shirsha Adi (Member)
15 Comr. Sunday Okeke (Member)
16 Mr. Mohammed A Ibrahim (Member)
17 Prince Kennedy Chigozie (Member)
18 Alhaji. Saleh Lawal (Member)
19 Dr. Ken Robinson (Member)
20 Chief. Sola Ebisieme (Member)
21 Dr. Bitrus Boutrou (Member)
22 Prof. Charles Nwekeaku (Member)
23 Comr. Aruba Waba (Member)
24 Comr. Festus Osifu (Member)
25 Ladi Illia (Member)
26 Dr. Olorunfemi Ayo (Member)
27 Alh. Basidia Lamidi Apapa (Member)
28 Chief. Godwin Agbasinnelo (Member)
29 Mr. Sima Luka (Member)
30 Mr. Joseph Gondo (Member)
31 Mr. John Enemari (Member)
32 Prof. Qristuerg Amua (Member)
33 Hon. Joseph Tarkar (Member)
34 Mrs. Esther Nevkaa (Member)
35 Engr. S. Salifu (Member)
36 Amb. Moses Oriri (Member)
37 Mr. Abah Lewis Elaigwu (Member)
38 Mr. Danladi Ibrahim (Member)
39 Comr. Jonathan Onoja (Member)
40 Mr. Ken Orkuma Hembe (Member)
41 Prof. Owojecho Omoha( Member)
42 Engr. Ben Akaakar (Member)
43 Mr. Gideo Iyom (Member)
44 Dr. Moses O. Paul Y( Member)
45 Comrd. Abah Owoicho Ny (Member)
46 Comrd. Sam Odeh Ny (Member)
47 Mr. Emmanuel Tyioshi (Member)
48 Mr.Tarukaa Tyodzer (Member)
49 Gen. Harrison Adoga (Rtd) (Member)
50 Prof. James Apam (Member)
51 Dr. Isaac Eboja (Member)
52 Prince Joseph Gondo (Member)
53 Mrs. Mercy M. Achagh (Member)
54 Mr. Gideon Inyom (Member)
55 Hajia. Ireti Kingibe (Member)
56 Mrs. Joy A. Ohiomero (Member)
57 Hon. Chinedu Obika (Member)
58 Mr. Danlami Umar Rumu (Member)
59 Engr. Alfred N.Ozoemena (Member)
60 Mr. Shaibu Adejob (Member)
61 Pharm. Sam Ogonna (Member)
62 Suryv. Callistus Chijioka (Member)
63 Mr. Danjuma Samson (Member)
64 Dr. Benedict Ocheoha (Member)
65 Hon. Dr. Bako Nazing (Member)
66 Rt. Hon. Edward Pwajok (Member)
67 Prof. Haruna Dabin (Member)
68 Mr. Idi Waziri (Member)
69 Prof. Joseph Golwa (Member)
70 Rev. Alex Anokwuru (Member)
71 Mr. Faruk Adjo-Audu (Member)
72 Pastor Chuwang Pam (Member)
73 Barr. (Mrs) N. Akunwanne (Member)
74 Engr. Chris Kedesh (Member)
75 Mrs. Kaneng Gyang Fulani (Member)
76 Mr. Mark Dape (Member)
77 Mr. Solomon Egetre Huizingi (Member)
78 Arc. Yakubu Bawa (Member)
79 Dr. Genebu Ayebe Pwd (Member)
80 Comrd. Alice Chittle Ny (Member)
81 Mr. Yohanna Badung (Member)
82 Mr. Nde Solomon Gotau (Member)
83 Mr. Bernard B.Kyengeson (Member)
84 Hon. Butrus Kaze (Member)
85 Mr. Maichibi Uwarji (Member)
86 Sen. Victor Lar (Member)
87 Dr. B. B Nabusu (Member)
88 Mrs. Lois Gotom (Member)
89 Barr. Dep Dung (Member)
90 Mr. Emmanuel Goladi (Member)
91 Mr. Miskoom Thomas Shalsuk (Member)
92 Mr. James Maha (Member)
93 Engr. Ahiaba Attah (Member)
94 Alh. Mohammed Shuaibu (Member)
95 Col. Babanwa Suleiman (Member)
96 Hon. Ekele King (Member)
97 Com. Joel Omolaye (Member)
98 Hon. Ezekiel Mopa Member
99 Hon. Sunday Adebayo Member
100 Hon. Adaji Ugane Member
101 Hon. Ignatius Siedu Member
102 Com. Ben Ezembi Member
103 Ms. Carolina Ejah Member
104 Mr. Victor Umoru Member
105 Mr. Lanre Obafemi Member
106 Engr S. Salifu Member
107 Barr. Kennedy Ajaka Y Member
108 Prof. Abubakar Dominic Akpa Member
109 Mr. Yunusa Shaibu Member
110 Dr. Emeka K. Onyejebose Member
111 Mr. Raph Ekpah Adejoh Member
112 Mr. Paul Enejukan Member
113 Rabiat Usman Member
114 Mr. Ikeleja Usman Abdullahi Member
115 Mr. Ojochogwu Jude Member
116 Agada Francis Enejo Member
117 Aishatu Mohammed Hassan Member
118 Dr. Joseph N. Mamman Member
119 Mr. James Bawa Salka Member
120 Barr. Tony Nworah Member
121 Mohammad Hadi Pandogati Member
122 Rev. Mike Agbon Member
123 Hon Calip Yahaya Song Member
124 Mr. John K. Mura Member
125 Mr. Jerry Ngyakwar Member
126 Mr. Adamu B. Watu Member
127 Prof. Valdya Tame Member
128 Mrs. Rhoda Eliasha Member
129 Mr. Suleman Yadima Member
130 Pst. Vidyam Charles Bute Member
131 Mr. Buba S. Jika Member
132 Comr.Tony Sudan Gompwel Member
133 Mr. Nafiu Rabiu Ibrahim Member
134 Mr. Ishaya Dokwa Member
135 Ms. Musa Jummai Aishatu Member
136 Comrd. Chama Mijili Ny Member
137 Hon. Yakubu Aliyu Member
138 Mr. Bulus Yohana Member
139 Gen. Yakubu Usman Member
140 Comrd. Anas Hamza Ny Member
141 Mr.Gambo Abubakar Member
142 Mr. Iliya Bagu Member
143 Mallam Kasir Dahir Member
144 Mrs. Mary Augustine Member
145 Mr. Garba Sule Member
146 Mr. Fauwalu Garba Member
147 Alh. Musa Mato Member
148 Dr. Abubarka Abdulrahman Member
149 Mrs. Marian Sambo Ali Member
150 Mr. Emmanuel A. Agunbiade Member
151 Mr. Yekeen Agundade Member
152 Dr. D.K Ehindero Member
153 Alh. Rasak Eboda Member
154 Mr. Aloysius Nwora Member
155 Hon. Ajibade Adekunle Member
156 Alh.Rasak Oniye Member
157 Mohammed Shehu Anua Member
158 Pst.Owuna James Member
159 Princewill Onwrimba Member
160 Pst.Tope Kelvin O Member
161 Mrs. Nnadiukwu Eunice Member
162 Mr. Raphael Matthew Member
163 Barr. Hadiza Isa Kiripko Member
164 Mr. Jones Iliya Shamah Member
165 Mrs. Favour Thompson Member
166 Mr. Emmanuel Danladi Member
167 Mr. Ali Kpadum Member
168 Amb. Jonathan M.Tsaku Member
169 Istifanus Haruna Member
170 Barr. Ortan Gabriel Akaaka Member
171 Mrs. Cecilia Jy Angaku Member
172 Mr. Gabs Katiya Member
173 Engr Isaac Balami Member
174 Mr. Ayuba Samaila Member
175 Barr. Leonard Zadon Member
176 Apost. Akintewe Chanker Member
177 Mr.Usman I. Buratai Member
178 Mr. Mairo Umar Member
179 Mr. Mustapha Hamza Member
180 Sir. Samaila Maidoki Member
181 Mr. Yerima Ijai Rupalu Member
182 Ustaz Abubakar Abdullahi Member
183 Mr. Liman Bukar Member
184 Prof. Kalep Filli Member
185 Mrs. Aimina Tagwai Member
186 Mr. Ibrahim Zarma Member
187 Mr. Agur Atari Member
188 Mr. Danladi Bako Member
189 Mr. Daniel Solomon Member
190 Mr. Jerimond Shakwallo Member
191 Mr. James Ilu Member
192 Mrs. Hannatu Ahmed Member
193 Mrs. Niaga Kanu Member
194 Amd. Othiel Falifa Member
195 Comr. Kenan Ibrahim Asfa Y Member
196 Joram S. Massam Member
197 Mr. Bubakar Mohammed Talase Member
198 Mr. Yau Findiga Member
199 Chief. Dennis Ikeh Member
200 Mr. Agura Atahiru Member
201 Mr. Mohammed Abdusalam Pantami Member
202 Barr.Heman Jamiyal Member
203 Sen. Joel Danladi Member
204 Barr. Vaniah Agbon Member
205 Mr. Danjuma Papa Kunni Member
206 Mr. Hosea Hassan Karma Rtd Aig Member
207 Nathan Sandra Junior Member
208 Hon. Idi Hoga Member
209 Engr. Augustine Bazing Member
210 Micheal Pius Member
211 Isa Hammagadbo Member
212 Abubakar Abubakar Member
213 Dr. Ishaku Habila Jauro Member
214 Mal. Malo Garba Member
215 Lawan M. Ibrahim Member
216 Mr.I Brahim Bawa Member
217 Alhaji Yusuf Jajere Member
218 Haneefa Ahmad Member
219 Mannir Rabiu Member
220 Alh. Abdulrahman Albarka Member
221 Alh. Iro Bawale Member
222 Alh. Ahmed Muhammed Yar’dua Member
223 Alh. Aminu Kaikai Member
224 Alh. Kabir Jimi Member
225 Alh. Sada Bako Member
226 Sen. Nenadi Usman Member
227 Mr. Nasiru Jagaba Member
228 Mrs. Sarah Kelvin Member
229 Mr. Bulus Masamari Member
230 Mrs. Zulaihat Yunus Member
231 Mr. Abubakar Sadiq Bello Member
232 Mrs. Paulina Jeremaih Member
233 Mr. Isa Abubakar Member
234 Mrs. Zulaihat Yunus Member
235 Alh. Isah Abubakar Y Member
236 Mrs. Lydia Baba Y Member
237 Comrd. Victor Ododo Y Member
238 Mr. Gajir Valumuu Y Member
239 Dr. Danjuma Sale Y Member
240 Malla Kaviru Yusuf Y Member
241 Ms Lois Erland Maude Nymember
242 Mr.Mohammed Azare Member
243 Mrs.Monica Musa Member
244 Madam Pricilla Mekam Member
245 Hajiya Bilikisu Adamu Member
246 Aisha Abdullah Member
247 Mrs.Saadatu Sulaiman Member
248 Hon.Abdulrama Magaji Member
249 Alhaji.Manir Rabiu Member
250 Mohammed Hadi Member
251 Mallam Ibrahim Bamali Sidi Member
252 Prof Akali Mpantor Ojoni Member
253 Mr. Umar Adamu Kawo Member
254 Comrd Zaai T. Baba Ny Member
255 Mr.Nasiru Muhammed Member
256 Mrs.Aminu Tafida Member
257 Mrs.Hadiza Kishimi Member
258 Mr.Abdullahi A Kabo Member
259 Salisu Ibrahim Koko Member
260 Barr. Yakubu Bawa Member
261 Mr. Adam Abubakar Pwd Member
262 Mr.Umar Sani Kanka Member
263 Abdullahi Muh’balange Member
264 Ahmed Idris Kafan-Hausa Member
265 Mohammed Jibrin Abubakar Member
266 Mallam Kenam Mamman Kumoh Pwd
267 Ihekwoaba Paul E.Esq Pwd
268 Mr. Agbo Christian Pwd
269 Mr. Onyebuchi Stanley Pwd
270 Mr. Liman Usman Pwd
271 Mrs. Zainab Yusuf Pwd
272 Mrs. Taibat Janet Pwd
273 Inajaw Miracle Pwd
274 Ekwo Comfrot Pwd
275 Mr. Godian Amadi Pwd
276 Amb. M. Gajam Member
277 Ms. Elizabeth A. Jibrin Member
278 Mr. Mutarti Yalai Bunga Member
279 Mr.Usaini Yawuri Member
280 Mr.Auwal Umar Imam Member
281 Mr.Ifeanyi Ezeagu Member
282 Mr.Mamuda Mohammad Member
283 Aminu Umar Ahmad Member
284 Mr.Saidu Muhammad Member
285 Muazu Ladan Kanwuri Member
286 Moh’d Muktar Maccido Member
287 Comr. Abdullahi Umar Modomawa Member
288 Chief Okey Ugobeze Member
289 Engr Aminu Muazu Member
290 Comr Baraka Bawa Member
291 Comr Ibrahim Kanoma Member
292 Bashir M. Mafara Member
293 Garba Bala Gusau Member
294 Mallam Muhammad Nurudeen Member
295 Sa’idu Ahmed Member
296 Habibu Sani Member
297 Mr. Abdullahi Muhammed Member
298 Mr.Haliru Jibri Member
299 Mr. Muhammed Attahiru Member
300 Dr. Alex Otti Member
301 Chief Eboh D. Ihekwereme Member
302 Mr. Victor Ikeji Member
303 Chief Waka Inem Member
304 Mr. Joe Ezearu Member
305 Dr. Confidence Chukwuemezie Pwd Member
306 Chief Mrs Chigazu Okeke Member
307 Dr.Prince Ndubueze Member
308 Chief Dan Chinyere Imo Member
309 Comr. Abdullahi Umar Modomawa Member
310 Mrs.Comfort Okoronkwo Member
311 Dr.James Okoroma Member
312 Okoronkwo Oji Member
313 Sen Victor Umeh Member
314 Dr. Tony Nwoye Member
315 Dr. Obinna Uzor Member
316 Lady Chidi Onyemelukwe Member
317 Prof. Oby Lilian Orogbu Member
318 Prof. Zelinjo Igweze Member
319 Hon Afam Ogene Member
320 Chief Chuka Ezewune Member
321 Chief Euriel Chukwudum Member
322 Chief Okey Ezeibe Member
323 Chief Tony Obiagu Member
324 Prince Ike Iloghalu Member
325 Mr Peter Afuba San Member
326 Chief Edozie Ezeugwa Member
327 Barr Mike Ugwa Member
328 He Mr. Val C. Ozigbo Member
329 He Azuka Enemo Member
330 Hon Kingsley Iruba Member
331 Dr. Chigbo Okoli Member
332 Comrd. Kenneth Okeke Ny Member
333 Comrd. Obele Chuks Obele Ny Member
334 Mrs.Dama Cynthia Member
335 Mr.Somto Onumegbu Member
336 Rt.Hon Chukwudi Orizu Member
337 Mr.Uzor Obi Member
338 Mr.Chuka Orizu Member
339 Mrs.Ada Orji Member
340 Ifeanyi Ezeagu Member
341 Nonso Amachukwu Member
342 Barr.Mrs Uche Ebo Member
343 Amaka Onumajulu Member
344 Ebele Obi Member
345 Dr.Patrick Obi Member
346 Dr.Beatrice Okonkwo Member
347 Mr.Odera Ozoka Member
348 Hon. Chimamkpam Anyamkpa Member
349 Mr.Ben Etiba Member
350 Rt. Hon. Ben Chuks Nwosu Member
351 Amaka Ewim Member
352 Hon. Kelechi Uzoka Member
353 Hon Fidelia Njeze Member
354 Dr. Dave Nnamani Member
355 Mr. Chijioke Ideoga Member
356 Prof Charles Nwakeaku Member
357 Comrd. Ibuchukwu O. Ezike Member
358 Prince Chigo Ikpennwa Member
359 Ms. Nkemdilim Ugwuagbo Member
360 Mrs Ebere Agu Member
361 Dae Elizabeth O. Agu Member
362 Chief Cyril Nnabuike Ene Member
363 Prof Augustine Akubue Uchenna Member
364 Barr. Fidelis Ani Member
365 Hon. Okey Nnadozie Member
366 Pastor Damian C. Amoke Member
367 Mr. John Edeson Member
368 Barr. Mrs Benigna Ejimba Y Member
369 Mr. Ikechukwu Chukwumah Pwd Member
370 Chief Emeka Mamah Member
371 Oboigede Agbo Anthony Member
372 Barr Awfforkansi Nnadiume Member
373 Prof Barth Nnaji Member
374 Mrs Fidelia Njeze Member
375 Dr. Monanu Member
376 Chief. Oguerinwa Amadi Member
377 Engr. Chukwu Sylvester Chukwu Member
378 Dr. Victor Odoeme (Phd) Member
379 Gold Eziofor Member
380 Chief Martin Agbaso Member
381 Sen. Chris Anyanwu Member
382 Sen. Ezenwa F. Onyewuchi Member
383 Chief Stan Ukaga Member
384 Mr. Andy Ezeani Member
385 Chief Jonjude Okere Member
386 Sir Cajetan Eberendu Member
387 Prof Frank Ejiogu Member
388 Pastor Iyke Onuoha Member
389 Mr. Raymond Nwachukwu Member
390 Dr. Fresh Onuoha Member
391 Mr. Ekene Nwakuche Member
392 Gen.Obi Umahi Y Member
393 Barr Uche Nandi Y Member
394 Mr. Charles Okwudirichukwu Y Member
395 Comrd. Minister Udochukwu Ny Member
396 Hon Ike Ibeh Member
397 Mr.Chuka Solomon Obaego Member
398 Mr. Excel Ochiama Member
399 Mr. Chibuzo Ndubuaku Member
400 Mr. Henry Chidi Ibe Member
401 Mr. Ekene Nwakuche Member
402 Mrs. Sharon Chukwuemeka Member
403 Cp. Mike Okoli Member
404 Prof. Nnamdi Obiareri Member
405 Dr. Chinere Okpara Member
406 Arc. Edward Nkwegu Member
407 Hon Nwabueze Igwe Member
408 He Lawrence Nwuruku Member
409 Hon. Dr. Emmanuel Eze Member
410 Sen. Emmanuel Omezue Agboti Member
411 Pastor Iniobong Udo Member
412 Capt. Augustine Okon Member
413 Barr. James Essien Member
414 Engr. Emmanuel Edet Member
415 Engr. Otoabasi Ntiah Member
416 Prince Victor Enyinihi Member
417 Mr. Mfon Effiong Udom Member
418 Mr Erard Titus Ikpai Member
419 Sir. Sylvester Okokon Jonah Member
420 Edet Solomon Inua Member
421 Prof. Edet Bassey Akpakpan Member
422 Daniel Umobong Member
423 Barr. Lillian Evughire Pwd Member
424 Mr. Ipue Legborsi Bariledum Y Member
425 Hon. Innocent Kaku Member
426 Efiye Bribena Member
427 Helen Izofade Ajoko Member
428 Arc. Furuobi Akene Member
429 Prof. Aloysius Ligha Member
430 Chief Ritchie Omo Member
431 Mr. Anthony Madagua Member
432 Dr. Chris M. Nwaokobia Jr Member
433 Prof Franca Ovadje Member
434 Mr.Ajiri Aluta Member
435 Mr. Josiah Omenuwona Member
436 Chief Kenneth Olisa Member
437 Barr. Victor Odjemu Member
438 Pst. Alice Awogwonuwe Member
439 Chief Solomon Akeni Member
440 Princess Nana Modupe Member
441 Mr. Daniel Wilbert Member
442 Prof Bendicta Egbo Member
443 Hon Eastmond Ojen Member
444 Chief Ugba Murphy Member
445 Adie Emmanuel Ungwugian Member
446 James Itam Member
447 Lucky James Aigbokhan Member
448 Comr.Omini Bassey Arikpo Member
449 Mrs.Onyoduma Oguda Onya Member
450 Jude Ikhide Member
451 Chief Omini Okoi Edet Member
452 Chief Patrick Okomiso Member
453 Barr. Uk Iyioke Member
454 Engr. Esosa Iyawe Member
455 Chief Emmanuel Omo Member
456 Mr. Isaac Osagiede Edewele Member
457 Mr. Oseghale Isidahomen Member
458 Mr. Monday Eboigbe Member
459 Mr. Odigie Uwadiae Member
460 Pst. Sam Omede Member
461 Mrs. Adesua Omorodion Member
462 Mr. Tarella Muizza Momoh Member
463 Mr. Idemudia Agbonaye Member
464 Kingsley Okenwan Member
465 Matthias Obahiagbon Member
466 Mrs Joyce Robert-Orhue Member
467 Chief Ekwutosi A. Onumba Member
468 Dr. Agweru Franklin-Ajinwo Member
469 Sir Ugochukwu Ogu Member
470 Mr. Toku Obiaime Member
471 Dr. David Edoka Member
472 Mr. Okey Chike Member
473 Mr. Amoebi Okara Member
474 Mr. Henry Briggs Y Member
475 Comrd. Ledogo Amabu Ny Member
476 Engr. Dimieari F. Green Member
477 Mr. Ebenizer Foby Member
478 Chief. Owo Etete Member
479 Hon. Elemechukwu Ogbowu Member
480 Mr Amaebi Okara Member
481 Philip Thomas Member
482 Nene Ngbafor Member
483 Ms. Lydia Ajayi Pwd Member
484 Mrs. Wendy Obi Member
485 Hon. Ibrahim Onile Member
486 High Chief Samuel Fadare Member
487 Rev. Daini Peter Member
488 Chief Femi Ogunleye Member
489 Alhaji Bashiru Apapa Member
490 Mr. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour Member
491 Alhaji Moshood Salvador Member
492 Hon Babajide Balogun Member
493 Hon Ola Ogulana Member
494 Comrd. Ogbolo Monday Ny Member
495 Chief. Mrs Abiola Ogedengeb Member
496 Hon. Bolorunduro E. Biodun Member
497 Hon. Adeyeri Stephen Kunle Member
498 Barr. Akinbinu Remigius Member
499 Barr. Adebawo Ajibade Member
500 Hon Suliamon Lasun Yusuff Member
501 He Adekunle Adeola Atanda Member
502 Rt. Hon Yussuf Lasun Member
503 Mr. Adeola Atanda Adekunle Member
504 Barr. Babalola Bade Member
505 Mr. Abass Adeyeloja Member
506 Ms. Ojo Susan Member
507 Mr. Akin Olaoye Member
508 Otunba Eniola Tope Member
509 Comrd. Ayodeji Babalola Ny Member
510 Mr. Emmanuel Babatunde Oyedeji Member
511 Mr.Ayodej Mafikuyomi Member
512 Mr. Festus Olayinka Adebisi Member
513 Mr. Joy Onaopemipo Member
514 Dr. Akinpelu Sogunle Member
515 Mr. Ajibade Bolanle Akade Member
516 Chief Olasode Rotimi Member
517 Chief Bajela Yomi Member
518 Chief Bolaji Sunmola Member
519 Chief Suraj Oladele Akinsanya Member
520 Chief Euriel Chukwudum Member
521 Mr. Reagan John Ufonbe Member
522 Chief Chris Uche Member
523 Prince Henery Elogan Member
524 Mr. Jeff Kelechi Member
525 Dr Mrs Colleen Nnena Member
526 Mrs. Ngozi Egbuchulalic Member
527 Comr. Emma Onyemura Member
528 Dr. Mrs Nma Olebara Member
529 Barr. Obinna Obiegue Member
530 Mr. Emmanuel Nweke Member
531 Mr. Charles Iioegbunam Member
532 Mr. Bere Odio Member
533 Hon. Lawrence Nwachukwu Member
534 Chief Mrs Cd Duruoha Member
535 Mrs Oriola Member
536 Mr. Segun Okupe Member
537 Gen. Oye Ojo Member
538 Mr. Otunba Famuyibo Member
539 Mr. Uche Princewill Member
540 Mr. Emeka Edeh Member
541 Mr. Alex Ejesience Member
542 Mr. Aluli Jemide Member
543 Mr. Fafa Princewill Member
544 Mr. Oliver Eberendun Member
545 Mr. Adam Yahaya Member
546 Comr. Nafiu Yusuf Member
547 Mr.Tabiti Moses Member
548 Mr. Tommywa Kuku Member
549 Prof. Chindu Nnaemeka Ogbuj Member
550 Mrs. Egwuagu Chidimma Onyinya Member
551 Mr. Abubakar Bala Member
552 Mrs. Zainab Muhammad Member
553 Mrs. Onuoha Soreal Ijeoma Member
554 Engr. Christopher J Umar Member
555 Mr. Usman James Buhari Member
556 Mr. Tunji Adeniran Member
557 Mr. Temitope Olagbaye Member
558 Mr.Foluso Leigh Member
559 Mrs.Laura Ogunsola Member
560 Mr. Kenneth Egboh Member
561 Mr. Judith Akatugba Member
562 Mrs. Nkiruka Joy Banjoko Member
563 Mr. Dotun Sodunke Member
564 Mr. Segun Adebanjo Member
565 Mr. Emmanuel Sanni Member
566 Otunba Olatunde Onakoya Member
567 Mrs. Nike Olujembola Member
568 Mr. Lanre Anjolaiya Member
569 Mr. Funsho Kufeji Member
570 Dr. Bayo Adedokun Member
571 Mr. Lekan Adebiyi Member
572 Mr. Popoola Olayiwola Member
573 Alhaji Wakilu Apete Member
574 Mrs. Yinka Nola Member
575 Senator Femi Okurounm Member
576 Otunba Opeyemi Agbaje Member
577 Dr. Ebun Sonaiya Member
578 Engr. Thankgod Iluos Member
579 Mr. Sylvanus Afebu Oshiokpekhai Member
580 Engr. Bayo Adenekan Member
581 Oyunba Tayo Onayemi Member
582 Mr. Leke Mabinuori Member
583 Olorogun Pop Adebanjo Member
584 Prince Shina Bashorun Member
585 Prince Waheed Adedokun Member
586 Mrs. Deborah Folarin Taiwo Member
587 Chief Ahem Peter Ojonugwa Member
588 Mr. Abdul Ahmed Member
589 Comr. Babajide Osori Member
590 Chief Femi Enemuo Member
591 Chief Femi Ajisafe, Ph.D Member
592 Rev. Zacchacus Jonathan Member
593 Mrs. Blessing Martins Member
594 Mr.Abdul Yahaya Member
595 Mrs.Joy Achor Member
596 Pst.Gbenga H Babagbemi Member
597 Mr.Dele Farotimi Member
598 Mr.Olasoji David Member
599 Mr.Adeyinka Akala Member
600 Hon.Chief Kemade Elugbaju Member
601 Hon.Chidi Akinade Member
602 Comr.Segun Famogbiyele Jp Member
603 Hon.Sogo Fagbamigbe Member
604 Hon. Lucia Alake (Mrs) Member
605 Ayonola Ayansoji (Odo Otin) Member
606 Bolu Ojo Member
607 Mr.Reuben Famuyibo Member
608 Mr.Sina Fagbenro Member
609 Mr.Gani Jimoh Member
610 Mr.Rotimi Ogundana Member
611 Mrs.Success Faith Oyeeze Member
612 Mrs.Adeniyi Adekola Member
613 Mr.Oladokun Babafemi Member
614 Mr.Ayo Olajuyinu Member
615 Mr.Afolabi Akaani Member
616 Engr.Olugbenga Ajetunmobi Member
617 Mr.Toyin Falade Member
618 Dr.Mrs Esther Sanya Member
619 Otunba Femi Arowosola Member
620 Alhaji Abimbola Sanusi Member
621 Hon.Yahya Adetunji Member
622 Mr.Waheed Oloyed Member
623 Basorun Segun Sanni Member
624 Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo Member
625 Hajiya Hauwa Bukar Member
626 Mrs Cecelia Anzaku Member
627 Haji.Zaliya Aliyu Member
628 Mr.Jamilu Sufi Member
629 Barr.Victor Opurum Member
630 Mr.Uma Godwin Member
631 Dr.Pat Obuefule Member
632 Mr.Adesegun Bamodu Member
633 Mr.Adekunle Shittu Member
634 Mr.Olaleye Abel Member
635 Adeniyi Bukky Member
636 Dr. Aderemi Bello Member
637 Prince Elias Matiminu Member
638 Barr.Omolegbon Olawale Odusola Member
639 Barr.Dayo Akinnanu Member
640 Adegoke Kayode Adewusi Esq Member
641 Prince Adebanjo Edema Member
642 Elder Isaac Fanokun Member
643 Prince Aderemi Oladiran Member
644 Barr Remigus Akinbinu Member
645 Mr. Rotimi Henry Fadenipo Member
646 Mrs.Helen Akinwande Member
647 Mr.Jamilu Abubakar Aliyu Member
648 Hajiya Maryam Ismail Member
649 Mr.Ibrahim Umar Member
650 Mr.Nnamdi Chude Member
651 Mr.Morris Monye Member
652 Mrs.Eze Okoli Blessing Member
653 Mr.F.S Yusuf Member
654 Weyimi Lube Member
655 Mr.Charles Novia Member
656 Mr.Emmanuel A. Offodilie Member
657 Mr.Charles Ogbu Member
658 Progress Okuk Member
659 Abdullahi Umar Zarma Member
660 Aisha Salisu Musa Member
661 Sarah Musa Jandi Member
662 Jamila A. Katala Aisha Geidam Member
663 Aisha Mohammed Abdullahi Member
664 Mrs.Rose Modibbo Member
665 Mr.Mohammed Aliyu Member
666 Alice David Nanushi Member
667 Mrs.Zainab Johnson Member
668 Mrs Oddet Mbumoh Nwankwo Member
669 Mrs.Fatima Nasiru Member
670 Mrs.Sadiya Usman Muhammad Member
671 Ms.Aisha Mohammad Member
672 Bara’atu Yahaya Member
673 Shafa’atu Umar Sani Member
674 Mrs Peaceful Owoghiri Member
675 Mrs Rosemary Ojimadu Member
676 Mrs.Deborah Effiong Member
677 Mrs.Esther Kpaluwu Member
678 Aruru Eju-Ile Joy Member
679 Mrs.Rukayat Sirakat Member
680 Mr.Abiodun Olayinka Smith Member
681 Alaja Doyin Raji Member
682 Mrs.Antonia Toyin Olaniyan Member
683 Mrs.Adewale Aina Esther Member
684 Mrs.Elesaodo Olayemi Member
685 Chief Mrs Adekunle Aderonke Member
686 Mrs Agunbiade Adebanke Member
687 Mrs Oyebanjo Olywayemisi Member
688 Mrs Olaosebikan Oluwabusay Member
689 Mr.Ganiyu Bosede Member
690 Mrs.Joseph Funmilayo Member
691 Mr.Saka Efunyemi Member
692 Mr.Lawal Bolaji Idowu Member
693 Mrs.Victoria Paul Lami Mamu Member
694 Mrs.Ramatu Ahmad Laraba Member
695 Akawu Murjanatu Busa Member
696 Mrs Anthonia Member
697 Mrs. Anthonia Oyeneye Member
698 Mrs.Folashade Kassim Member
699 Lola Majekodunmi Member
700 Mr.Bola Ayeni Member
701 Mrs.Agatha Udoire Member
702 Mrs.Angela Sani Member
703 Dr Mrs Joy Achor Roda Member
704 Mrs.Rhoda Zakari Member
705 Shaibu Ummie Member
706 Chencemi Yakubu Member
707 Mrs.Esther Hindi Malik Member
708 Mrs.Mary Duniya Member
709 Jamila Riba Member
710 Nadiya Kamal Usman Member
711 Zainab Umaru Member
712 Hajiya Murja Lawal Masanawa Member
713 Hajiya Rabi Umar Darma Member
714 Hajiya Aisha Mohammed Member
715 Hajiya Hauwa Lawal Jibiya Member
716 Hajia Rashida Sani Barde Member
717 Haj Hadiza Kishimi Member
718 Princess Rakiya Abdullahi Member
719 Aisha Y. Muhammad Member
720 Mrs.Maryam Khalid Member
721 Haj. Halima Ahmed Gwale Member
722 Hannatu Yaro Member
723 Nyiaga Kanu Member
724 Mrs.Aishatu Umaru Member
725 Mrs Lois Thompson Daniel Member
726 Mrs.Ramuna Yusuf Ismaila Member
727 Mrs.Ada Orji Nwanyanwu Member
728 Mrs.Chisara Nnadozie Member
729 Lady Maria Ikebunna Member
730 Hon Josephine Udorji Member
731 Dr. Queen Ifeoma Osuala Member
732 Barr. Ngozi Njoku Member
733 Lady Grace Ogbonna Member
734 Mrs Nelly Ndukwo Member
735 Lady Chinyere Anya Member
736 Mrs Saray Ocheze Uluelu – Mrs Member
737 Nkechi Nnenna Nwulu Member
738 Mrs.Linda T Thokolos Member
739 Mrs.Caroline Magdel Member
740 Zati Pharos George Member
741 Mrs.Rahila Bitrus Member
742 Mr.Akeni Sabi Member
743 Mr.Imaobong Chris Member
744 Mr.Enem Ntiense Member
745 Glory Iniobong Nyong Member
746 Patience Maxwell Member
747 Mrs.Ewim Amaka Member
748 Uju Okoye Member
749 Barr Uche Eboh Member
750 Iyom Princess Amaka Obi Member
751 Mrs.Princess Chika Ebeogu Member
752 Hauwa Umar Zull Member
753 Mrs.Larai Shaibu Member
754 Mrs.Mary Austin Member
755 Asmau Aliyu Member
756 Sadiya Salihu Member
757 Prof. Joy Telu Ekeke Member
758 Dr. Josephine O. Matthew Member
759 Dr. Leke Zalakuru Member
760 Mrs Preye Okpara Member
761 Dr. Macdonald Christianah Member
762 Mrs.Margaret Ayungul Member
763 Mrs.Blessing Erbia Member
764 Mr.Jonah Bonnet Member
765 Mr.Martha Adebu Ocheke Member
766 Hon Ngohemba Agaigbe Member
767 Mrs.Fatima Abba Aji Member
768 Mrs.Sa’adatu Afuno Member
769 Mrs.Aisha Yusuf Member
770 Parum Hena Member
771 Haj.Hauwa Bukar Member
772 Apostle Mrs Maria George Member
773 Dr. Mrs Hannah Edim Etta Member
774 Blessing Ekpidemi Akak Member
775 Mr.Obongawan Barbara Etim James Member
776 Adim Effanga Henshaw Member
777 Mrs.Benedicta Akamsube Member
778 Evangelist Mrs Agnes Ovwighose Member
779 Dr. Omawunmi Evelyn Urhobo Member
780 Mrs Omowunmi Jemide Lawal Member
781 Anthonia Okualise Member
782 Mrs Atevure Irene Member
783 Chief Mrs D. Oboh Member
784 Mrs Grace U. Akhaime Member
785 Mrs.Isoken Tongo Member
786 Prof. Egomwan Member
787 Mrs Kathie Usiomon Member
788 Mrs. Margarte Onovo Member
789 Love Aneke Member
790 Mrs.Onyejiuwa Philomina Member
791 Nduaguba Amaka Member
792 Mrs.Ogbodo Ifeoma Member
793 Tabitha Yusuf Member
794 Ramatu Usman Member
795 Salamatu Member
796 Princess Mille Uzokwe Agorua Member
797 Lady Uju Chime Member
798 Lady Cecilia Aja-Bisong Member
799 Dr. Maria Adana Nwokike Member
800 Evangelist Nonye Obi Member
801 Emeka Edmund Onwuocha Member
802 Mr.Diran Onifade Member
803 Dr Tanko Yunusa Member
804 Mr.Kenneth Okonkwo Member
805 Modele Sarafa Yusuf Member
806 Ime Ufot Member
807 Ken Asogwa Member
808 Nana Kazaure Member
809 Mr.Ndi Kato Member
810 Mr.Kenny Adewole Member
811 Mr.Madu Onuorah Member
812 Mr.Ibrahim Ismaila Umar Member
813 Mr.Femi Salako Member
814 Nnamdi Okosieme Member
815 Dr. Bright Onochie Member
816 Mr. Malachy Uzendu Member
817 Mr.Chuks Ohuegbe Member
818 Mr.Okey Muogbo Member
819 Mr.Paul Mumeh Member
820 Dike Chukwumerije Member
821 Dele Farotimi Member
822 Dr. Fabian Ihekweme Member
823 Amb. Lillian-Sleek Ukoha Member
824 Barr. Kingsley Ononuju Member
825 Chief Henry Chidi Ibe Member
826 Mr. Gboyega Adelaja Member
827 Otunba Deji Osibogun Member
828 Tony Adebanjo Member
829 Mr. Maichibi Vwarji Member
830 Hon. Butrus Kaze Member
831 Mr. Timothy Parlong Member
832 Nura Tanko Waziri Member
833 Rev. Bernard Kyengson Member
834 Mr. Polycarp Gumwos Member
835 Mr. Delly Ajufo Member
836 Mrs.Mildred Bako Member
837 Mr.Emmanuel Ameh Member
838 Mr.Stanley Okocha Member
839 Eyitemi Tare Member
840 Mrs.Jumoke Alawode Member
841 Prince Sheriff Adegbite Member
842 Mr.Shina Fagbenro Member
843 Laura Tolulope Ogunsola Member
844 Morris Monye Member
845 Arc. Stella Ozemoya Member
846 Mrs.Helen Dim Member
847 Osagie Ehiks Member
848 Mr.Abiodun Adegun Member
849 Ms Emele Godspower Member
850 Ogunlola Oluwafemi Tony Member
851 Mr.Akinyele Oke Member
852 Mr.Ogunyemi Sunday Member
853 Mr.Olawuyi Dominic O. Member
854 Prince Adeoye Tolulope A. Member
855 Babatunde Ishaola Desmond Member
856 Mrs Adelugba Tolani Olufunke Member
857 Mrs Oyediji Member
858 Mrs Olaniyi Member
859 Mrs Jumoke Member
860 Mrs Adegbola Member
861 Pst Adeniyi Member
862 Mrs Ola Oludayo Member
863 Adegoke Doyin Member
864 Mrs Aliu Member
865 Tajudeen Oyero Member
866 Gbolahun Kazeem Member
867 Isika Makanju Member
868 Baraka Olalekan Member
869 Aminat Oladipupo Member
870 Sukura Muyideen Member
871 Mariam Adeyemo Member
872 Baraka Olalekan Member
873 Omolara Salam Member
874 Edward Iseoluwa Member
875 Funke Adetnji Member
876 Comfort Akinlotan Member
877 Tunde Odanye Member
878 Ayodele Favour Member
879 Prof.Remi Sonaiya Member
880 Chief Chris Asoluka Member
881 Mr. Mcanthony Ndukaeze Member
882 Prince Tony Nwakeze Member
883 Chief Mike Ajeigbo Member
884 Mr. Wole Arogundade Member
885 Alh Salisbury Mohammed Nuhu Member
886 Kanayo O. Kanayo Member
887 Grant Maduabuchi Member
888 Maduabuchi Chekwubechukwu Member
889 Hon Joy Zee Emede Member
890 Sarki M. Benjamin Adize Member
891 Dr. Deka Ezeadili Member
892 Ekene Nwakuche Member
893 Chimezie Ezeokoli Blessing Member
894 Mrs Ada Orji Nwanyanwu Member
895 Vera Daniel Member
896 Famous Olumide Member
897 Jamilu Sufi Member
898 Barr. Victor Opurum Member
899 Nelson Ogohi Member
900 Mrs Maryam Noor Member
901 Ukpola Okereke Chinedu (Pst) Member
902 Uma Godwin Member
903 Dr Pat. Obiefule Member
904 Marcel Ngogbehei Member
905 Dr. Kinsman Chikelu Member
906 Dr Justin Kingsland Member
907 Prince Edwin Ochai Member
908 Dr. Ope Banwo Member
909 Mr. Eugene N. Nwosu Member
910 Prof Amaka Donn Member
911 High Chief Chima Uzobuche Member
912 Fred Nwankwo Member
913 Nikky Member
914 Collins C. Amajua Esq Member
915 Engr Faisal Member
916 Sharon Imokhuede Member
917 Hon Adeloye Adekunle Matthew Member
918 Dr Akinmuyisan Matthew Member
919 Mr. Akosile Samuel Adeniyi Member
920 Prof. Asudu Michael Member
921 Hon Mrs Akinwale Febisola Member
922 Mr Ebisere Emmanuel Member
923 Mrs Ojeh Princess Nkemdirim Member
924 Mrs Augustina Nnenwa Member
925 Mrs Olughu Ihuoma F Member
926 Mrs Agatha Ezeogo Member
927 Hajia Rabi Awwal Member
928 Saratu E. James Member
929 Abigail Musa Cell Member
930 Matilda Isa Member
931 Akinwumi Yemisi Member
932 Adekunle Mary Member
933 Wuraola Famoroti Member
934 Alaja Modupe Wumi Member
935 Olatunji Titilayo Member
936 Basira Basiru Member
937 Orjiakor Ndubuisi Member
938 Ifeanyi Christopher Member
939 Chiadikaobi Gabriel George Member
940 Inno Umar Member
941 Zainab Ishyaku Member
942 Maimuna Umar Member
943 Aisha Lawal Member
944 Chief Dolapo Balogun Member
945 Comrade Kennedy Eyere Member
946 Dr. Rotimi Olokodana Member
947 Dr Segun Ebitemi Member
948 Dominic Essien Member
949 Mr.Adeshina Bashorun Member
950 Alaba Lawal Member
951 Mr.Isaac Balami Member
952 Dr. Bitrus Poku Member
953 Mr.Bernard Titus Member
954 Mr.Chinny Amah Member
955 Mr.Chidi Nzekwe Member
956 Mr.Kingsley Uwaleke Member
957 Mr.Stella Ozemoya Member
958 Mr.Rawlings Essang Member
959 Mr.Musa Dawa Member
960 Mr.Danjuma Garba Member
961 Mr.Abubakar Lawal Abba Member
962 Mr.Yusuf Musa Ahmad Member
963 Mr.Christopher Chienedu Okpara Member
964 Mr.Stanley Oldman Member
965 Gen Chris Eze Member
966 Mr. Alex Okey Member
967 Mr.Tochukwu Ezeoke Member
968 Mr.Adekunle Adesuji Member
969 Mr.Daniel Elombah Member
970 Pamson Dagyat Member
971 Somadina Muojeke Member
972 Mr.Frankly Joseph Member
973 Mr.Olu Muyiwa Member
974 Col. Chidi Nwaonu Member
975 Mr.Ambrose James Member
976 Mrs.Uju Obuekwe Member
977 Mr.Akin Fagbohunda Member
978 Mr.Benard Okeke Member
979 Mr.Kola Aengkindele Member
980 Mr.Gbenga Sadipe Ogunko Member
981 Prof Franca Ovadje Member
982 Engr Leo Obidi Member
983 Dr. Nosike Agokei Member
984 Dr Bashir Achida Member
985 Dr. Mansur Buhari Member
986 Amaka Okafor Member
987 Hon Amos Ojone Member
988 Hon.Chidi Nyeomaila Member
989 Mr.Rosemary Omenai Member
990 Mr.Collins Irabor Omo Member
991 Mr.Shekwaga Anyisa Member
992 Prof Banigo Opukumo Member
993 Mr.Femi Akinwunmi Member
994 Mr.Abdul Kadir Member
995 Air. Vice Marshal Member
996 Dr Francis Eleonu Member
997 Mrs Ada Orji Nwanyanwu Member
998 Engr Yusuf Daniel Member
999 Ery Daniel Barabe Gambo Member
1000 Muazu Maiwada Member
1001 Dabo Member
1002 Mrs.Racheal Chinyere Nsofor Member
1003 Uwaibi Peters Member
1004 Dr Bitrus Ibrahim Member
1005 Al-Amin Yahaya Sanni Member
1006 Mukhtar Abdullahi Member
1007 Dr Amos Hosea Kuje Member
1008 Mr.Jonathan Amos Tsaku Member
1009 Mrs.Munachi Chukwu Member
1010 Dr. Oswald Olatunbor Member
1011 Arc Abiodun Dabiri Member
1012 Mr.Lasu Ochai Member
1013 O. M. Eboigbe Member
1014 Mr.Stephen Osojie Member
1015 Mr.Idemudia Agbonaye Member
1016 Dr. James Okoroma Member
1017 Mrs Comfort Okoronkwo Member
1018 Mrs Dama Cynthia Member
1019 Mr.Okezie Okereke Member
1020 Mrs Jo Ali Rasheed Member
1021 Mr.Mmaduabuchi Chekwubechukwu Member
1022 Mr.Seyi Awolowo Member
1023 Mr. Charles Oputa Member
1024 John Nwosu Member
1025 Sen.Victor Lar Member
1026 Dr.Dele Owolabi Member
1027 Sola Ebiseeni Member
1028 Barr.Kayode Ajulo Member
1029 Mr.Leo Eke Member
1030 Chief.Eboh D.Ihekwereme Member
1031 Dr.Soyinka Olaokun Member
1032 Precious Amukpo Member
1033 Mr.Tai Emeka Obasi Member
1034 Mr.Valentine Obienyem Member
1035 Patrick Uchendu Member
1036 Hon.Ogbuefi Ozomgbachi Member
1037 Mr.Kelechi Dozie Member
1038 Mr.Peter Okwuchi Member
1039 Mr.Emmanuel Nweke Member
1040 Mr.Kenneth Agboh Member
1041 Hajia Alima Turaki Member
1042 Chief.Felix Enemuo Member
1043 Mr.Peter Okwuchi Member
1044 Mr.Donald Madueke Member
1045 Mrs.Nike Jones Member
1046 Engr. Bashir I. Bashir Member
1047 Ms.Sandra Ugo Member
1048 Mrs.Oyedeji Member
1049 Mr.Muhammed Mamman Member
1050 Hon.Elenchukwu Ogbowa Member
1051 Prof. Ukachukwu Aloysius Awuzie Member
1052 Engr.Chris Adebayo Member
1053 Rt.Hon Kelechi Nwagwu Member
1054 Mr.Emmeanuel Nnaji Member
1055 Mr.Salvation Alibor Member
1056 Mr.Joseph Ugboja Member
1057 Mr.Alex Ejesieme Member
1058 Gen.John Eneche Member
1059 Mr.Friday Ibadi Member
1060 Aig.H.H Kamar(Rtd) Member
1061 Gen.C.C Oriakor Member
1062 Col.Victor Ndulue Member
1063 Capt.Kamarudeen Olatunde Member
1064 Mr.Shaibu Lawal Gambo Member
1065 Hajia Jamila Shehu Guandu Member
1066 Mr.Peter Ameh Member
1067 Mr.Christan Azuka Geoffrey Member
1068 Haliru Jibri Kebbi Member
1069 Hon.Henry Chekwas Onuoha Member
1070 Mr.Usman I.Burutai Member
1071 Barr.Ume Kalu Member
1072 Alh.Ahmed Muhammed Yar’adua Member
1073 Mr.Friday Toyin Ibadin Member
1074 Mrs.Jamila M. Umar Member
1075 Prof. Theophilus Ndubuaka Member
1076 Mrs.Mary Augustine Bauchi Member
1077 Chief. Anthony Okafor Member
1078 Mrs.Christy Opara T. Member
1079 Mr.Emeka Ugwu-Oju Member
1080 Barr.Lilian Erughire Member
1081 Zannah Shettima Member
1082 Prof.Mustapha Hussain Jibrin Member
1083 Zakari Garuba Member
1084 Hon.Buchi Oparaugu Member
1085 Chief Chijioke Fredson Okoli (San) Member
1086 Chief Philip Umeh(San) Member
1087 Chief B.G Igwilo (San) Member
1088 Barr..Chris Onyemenam Member
1089 Dr.Chukwuka Wealth Martins Member
1090 Mr.Osaro Louis Member
1091 Mr.Ojochogwu Francis Member
1092 Bware Okunyi Member
1093 Arc.Gabe Adimora Member
1094 Mr.Tony Ifeachor Igoh Member
1095 Rev.Olu Martins Member
1096 Mr.Innocent Ogo Okafor Member
1097 Chief.Alex Anayo Okonkwo Member
1098 Hon.Ndubuisi Menakaya Member
1099 Mr.Uzoka Chukwuma Member
1100 Mr.Ikenna Okereke Member
1101 Prof.Frank Orjiako Member
1102 Mr.Emmanuel Chika Anyanwu Member
1103 Barr.Afam Ilono Member
1104 Ms.Tina Amechi Member
1105 Arc.Dr Edward Nkwegu Ofr,Ksji Member
1106 Prince Nwabueze A.Igwe,Ksji Member
1107 Dr.Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh Member
1108 H.E Amb Lawerence Nwuruk Member
1109 Rt.Hon Linus Okorie Member
1110 Pharm.Tony Ekoh Member
1111 Ngozi Dogo Member
1112 Prof.Abiodun Amobode Member
1113 Gen.Segun Ojo Member
1114 Madam Mary Member
1115 Sen.Femi Okunronmu Member
1116 Princess Blessing Igbenedion Member
1117 Mrs. Aisha Olorode Member
1118 Mr.Gbite Adeniji Member
1119 Dr.Akin Zerubabbel Olowookere Member
1120 Mrs.Olaosebikan Oluwabusayo Member
1121 Mr.Adewusi Member
1122 Madam Blessing Member
1123 Mrs.Adegbola Member
1124 Shamsu Abdullahi Adam Member
1125 Nasiru Garkuwa Member
1126 Ummukulsum Garba Sulaiman Member
1127 Haruna Abubakar Bebeji Member
1128 Hon.Kabiru Isah Dambatta Member
1129 Mr.Adewale Adeyeba Member
1130 Alhaji.Gidado Bashir Member
1131 Alhaji Ali Abduslam Member
1132 Dr.Habibu Rabiu Member
1133 Hon.Balarabe Wakili Member
1134 Barr.Hauwa El-Yakub Member
1135 Mr.Abdullahi Idris Sankara Member
1136 Mr.Nafiu Khamis Member
1137 Mr.Kabiru Hamza Gaya Member
1138 Hajiya.Mariya D-Iya Member
1139 Hon.Keftin Amuga Member
1140 Mr.Agur Atajiri Member
1141 Dr.Hussein Seriel Member
1142 Pastor Milkman Member
1143 Comr.Jonathan Jatau Member
1144 Mr.Reuben B.Lamay Member
1145 Rt.Hon Romanus Obi Member
1146 Chief.Nnadozie Okoye Member
1147 Chief.Amobi Ogbunde Member
1148 Chief.Denis Udenze Member
1149 Chief. Lwarence Ogu Member
1150 Chief.Obinna Emegwamuo Member
1151 Dr.Hory John Sintery Member
1152 Mr.Oblong Chima Amajua Member
1153 Barr.Samuel Masku Mogor Member
1154 Mr.Okey Ezirigwe Member
1155 Mr.Kelvin Orogun Member
1156 Engr.Lawrence Okeke Member
1157 Barr.Sam Otoboeze Member
1158 Pastor Oswald Amaechi Henry Member
1159 Mr.Alfred Demola Akeredolu Member
1160 Mr.Asogwa Henry James Member
1161 Mr.Emmanuel Kadiya Member
1162 Muna Obioha Member
1163 Mr.Ibahim Abdulkarim Member
1164 Enanai Aresuo Member
1165 Dr.Ike Onuoha Member
1166 Rear Admiral Oladele Bamidele Daji (Rtd) Member
1167 Brigadier General Ibukun Olu Adewa (Rtd) Member
1168 Brigadier General Francis Olalekan Akanji (Rtd) Member
1169 Mr.Henry Yunkwa Member
1170 Arc. Tony Udeagbala Member
1171 Mr.Victor Isichei Member
1172 Hon.Linda Barau Member
1173 Mrs.Christiana Nanji Andrew Member
1174 Ladi Moses Member
1175 Yuri Ajayi Member
1176 Ladi Jethro Akun Member
1177 Mrs. Patience H. Peter Member
1178 Mr. Ibrahim Bashen Member
1179 Mr. Ishaku J. Habila Member
1180 Mr. Ayuba Yanga Shani Member
1181 Prof.Femi Shaka Member
1182 Chief. Benneth Etiaba Member
1183 Mrs. Uju Ezechiedo Member
1184 Mr. Josuah Bawa Member
1185 Mr. Paul Gambo Tase Member
1186 Mr. Joseph Ewuga Ewudun Member
1187 Sen. Joel Danlimsa Member
1188 Hon. Jonathan Asake Member
1189 Mrs. Fedilia Mbam Member
1190 Mr. George Ukpai Member
1191 Prince Obasi Igwe Member
1192 Mr. Christopher Omo Iso Member
1193 Hon. Joseph Chukwuma Nweke Member
1194 Hon. Chibuzor Udeh Ajim Member
1195 Hon. Francis Orji Member
1196 Rt.Hon Nwobo Emmanuel Ikechukwu Member
1197 Mr. Ugochukwu Williams Nsoliba Member
1198 Hon. Kenneth C. Agbim Member
1199 Dr. Tobechukwu J.Ehirim Member
1200 Mrs. Chinwe Onyema Member
1201 Amaka Ugwu Member
1202 Mr.Eddie Olumba Member
1203 Mr. Columbus Nwadike Member
1204 Hon. Iheanacho Obioma Member
1205 Mr. Chris Ojegu Member
1206 Mr. Henry Ekwulu Member
1207 Mrs. Ginika Nwakanma Member
1208 Prince. Victor Onyia Member
1209 Mr. Emmanuel Onoyma Member
1210 Hon. Sam Ozougwu Member
1211 Chief. Cletus Ohanta Member
1212 Mr. James Olua Member
1213 Arc. Sylvester Amaechi Member
1214 Amb. Jeremiah Ifeanyi Member
1215 Prof. N. T. Izuchi Member
1216 Mr . Chiudu Iyizoba Member
1217 Amb. Ozo Nwobu Member
1218 Amb. Chudi Okafor Member
1219 Mrs. Nafisa Gume Member
1220 Mr. Abubakar Abdulmalik Member
1221 Alh. Aminu Dabo Member
1222 Sen. Sola Akinyede Member
1223 Prof. Samuel Oyewole Member
1224 Mr. Furoebi Sheba Akene Member
1225 Dr. Olu Ayewoh Member
1226 Mr. Zik Mokelu Member
1227 Sir. Bright Onajefe-Gift Edejawhro Member
1228 Hon. Vin Ezenwajiaku Member
1229 Prof. Lawrence Ikeako Member
1230 Hon. Eze Echisi Member
1231 Mr. Patrick Okomiso Member
1232 Elombah Member
1233 Mr. Chiedu Nwazojie Member
1234 Mrs. Olufolahan O. Emmanuel-Tella Member

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