Kola Ajumobi Influenced My Interest In Broadcast Journalism – Olamide “Lummie” Abidakun

Olamide Lummie Abidakun


Olamide Olumide Abidakun popularly called Lummie is an on air personality at Empire FM, Akure. He shared his thoughts with Mercy Oluyori on his passion for radio broadcasting, and the snags facing the profession.

Who is Lummie?

Olamide Olumide is my name. An indigene of Akure. A graduate of Mass Communication from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. He is a fun-filled, witty and spontaneous person.  

Why did you choose radio broadcasting as a career?

Just like every child, I wanted to be a lot of things growing up, depending on what catches my fancy at any particular time but broadcasting struck to my mind after repeatedly watching KOLA AJUMOBI on the then OSRC casting the News with so much fluency and confidence, it was at that point that I knew this is where I want to be. And God has been faithful ever since. I eventually settled for radio because of the power of the animosity and being able to be many people at different times.

What are the challenges you’re facing as an OAP?

Some of the Challenges faced as an On-Air Personality majorly for me is meeting the expectations of the listeners on certain thing and certain times. Also the twisting arm of the NBC where we are restricted from saying some truths under the guise of national security. Another is the station’s policy and lack of adequate tools to function effectively in the industry. I don’t even want to talk of not being paid for the job that you’re expected to do.

Today in Akure, we’ve more radio stations than before, do you think that is a healthy development?

“The more the merrier” as it’s being said. The more stations we have around, the more competition we have and believe me that competition is healthy for the growth of the industry and the environment because it gives the listeners an array of choices and then; the one that serves the best contents get to keep the listener.

Tell us more about your show on Empire FM.

I anchor the morning show on Empire Radio 104.5 FM. I have always been a fan of morning shows because I believe it affords you the opportunity to be a part of your listeners lives and day. “THE MORNINGBUZZ” is the name of my show and it’s just been the best part of 104.5 FM family. It is filled with good music, motivational talk, discussion session which cuts across serious talk, humour, politics and random gist. It starts everyday as early as 7:00 am – 12:00pm.

Lummie doing what he knows how to do best.

You’re noted for asking your guests to dance to their favorite music on your show, at least we often see this when you share on your social media handles, what’s the reason behind it?

Ok. So a lot of my guests who I make dance are those who come to have serious discussions and I know that behind that strong voice or personality they portray while on the show, there’s a soft side to them. That is why I make them dance to their favorite songs so that the public will know that they are human too.

Would you have chosen a career outside of radio broadcasting?

By my choice? I wouldn’t. But by nature’s desire, it would be something music related which is being a DJ or Photography.

Are you married? If not, are you into a relationship?

Your guess is as good as what it is.

What’s your advice to youths who are craving to choose a career path?

Be focused and determined because there are a lot of things fighting our attention today more than ever. Also be precise with what you want from life or else life will serve you what you don’t deserve.

Outside radio broadcasting, what are the things you’re engaged in? Are you into charity works or advocacy? If not, how do you think you can contribute to the development of the society beyond radio?

Outside radio, I am into Photography (Lummie’s Click), Media Consultancy, Artiste Promotion, Voiceover Artiste, Corporate MC. I am into charity work but it’s something private and I don’t publicize it because it’s a form of goodwill and giving back to the society and not something I want applause for.

On a final note, I appreciate Precision Online Newspaper for the nomination and the award. It means so much to me because I don’t work for applause but for excellence and you still found me. Thank you.

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