The Social Media Has Made My Administration Easy – Regent Of Ibule-Soro

Regent of Ibule-Soro, HRH Moyinoluwa Falowo


HRH Moyinoluwa Falowo, the Regent of Ibule-Soro is a delectable personality both online and offline. In this interview, she spoke about how the social media has been helpful to her workings in the palace, 2023 elections, and her love life.

​​Did you have a premonition that one day you will become a regent after the passage of your father?

Yes. I did.

When the reality dawned on you that you will become the regent, what was your reaction?

I did not like it initially, but later accepted because it was the will of God for me, and a rare opportunity to serve my community.

Since you emerged as the regent of Ibule-Soro, what are the advancement in the community at large?

I have built on my father’s legacy. He was very passionate about Ibule-Soro. The community has been peaceful and rapidly expanding. I have enjoyed the support of the High Chiefs who make up my cabinet to introduce new policies and approach to matters when necessary.

We’ve had fruitful collaboration with different NGOs that birthed a lot of interventions around education, youth development, women empowerment, community healthcare and charities. We’ve also received some government projects to improve infrastructure in the community.

How’s the involvement of Youths in participation in the development of the community?

It could be better. The development of any community relies on the efforts of both young and older people. 

As a youth, who is also a regent, we’ve seen your tremendous impact in the community, how were you able to achieve that?

Through God’s favour and wisdom. I have also enjoyed the cooperation of the community leadership and members to succeed. 

You have a large presence on the social media, do you think that has brought you closer to the people?

Sure. Social media connects me to Ibule-Soro people and the greater society. We have community online forums that has helped members keep abreast of happenings and notices in the community. My online presence has also attracted the support of people outside the community to develop Ibule-Soro with me.

What’s your advice to Nigerian politicians ahead of the 2023 elections?

To be peaceful throughout the election season and run issue based campaigns. They should also have a right heart to serve and fulfil their campaign promises if elected.

Are you into a relationship? What is it like for a regent to be in a relationship?

I am in a relationship. Relationship for a regent is not so different from that of ladies who are not regents.

What is delaying the transition of power to a new monarch in Ibule-Soro?

Since 2019, there has been a tough dispute on the individuals that constitute Kingmakers who will select the new Olubule. The matter was in the High court and now in the appeal court. This dispute has prevented the selection of a new monarch. I hope it is resolved soon.

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