2023: Tola Awosika Writes Open Letter To Nigerian Youths



Firstly, it is important for you to have full understanding of where our country is as of today. Seven years ago when the APC government took over, there are certain statistics that are quite evident today in terms of food supplies, petroleum and general value chain of goods and services. We know the difference in price of food commodities today, we know the depreciation of our currency and the value of the naira today, we also know the general effect of what our country is going through as far as economic prosperity and leadership is concerned.
We also understand that the insecurity situation in the country has caused an unimaginable decline in investors and general economic confidence.

I am listing and reminding the youth of our great country all these issues so that you all can make informed decisions when you go to the polls on February 25th, 2023.

Unlike many other youths in the country, I have had the privilege of sitting on both sides of the fence, to get a inner understanding of the workings of government and political parties, what leads to presentation of candidate, and what also leads to the reasons behind that candidate, and for those reasons, I am able to make a political decision or choice as to what side of the divide I find to be more comfortable, reasonable and best for the Nigerian people.

My very short period in APC was one that I consistently fault the establishment and the leadership of the party especially at the state level for their greed, selfishness, deviation from democratic values and principles. I brought hope, freshness and youthfulness into a system that I understand to a large extent needs new ideas, new energy, honest and trustworthy people who are not hungry. I spent my money and time promoting, campaigning and canvassing for people and I was robbed in the course of this for selfish reasons by the leadership of the party.

But I am not surprised because like many would know for obvious reasons the APC is an SPV, a Special Purpose Vehicle that was setup in order to remove the PDP government in 2015. It was a combination of people who do not have similar ideas or background coming together to remove the previous government and they were successful at it, they were also successful at pulling together all their different ideas that are so far and wide apart from each other and this has led the total collapse of all structures of the country. This is nothing but implosion because of these ideas that are far reality and far away from what the country actually need.

Now we have another opportunity to make a choice, choices for our future, choices for our children, choices for our parents, choices for pensioners and young people in the country.

This is a time when we need to sit down and holistically analyze where we are coming from, how we got to where we are right now and what are potential solutions to these problems

Today, I analyze very critically the three front runners for the office the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

The candidate of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is in the old fashioned style of politics in comparison to where we were in 2015, I see clear similarities between what was sold to us then and what is being sold to us now, I see someone who though have few achievements under his belt but does not have the mental and physical capacity nor stability to take our country out of where they put it in the first place and I don’t think it’s a rational and fair choice for any young Nigerian who has a bright future.

I will like to move on to the candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi.

For me, Mr Peter Obi is not just a friend but a close ally of the People Democratic Party, he is also a former vice presidential candidate of the party in 2019 election which makes or promotes him to be good candidate for the office. I completely agree with that, however, in a choice of candidates for election, there are certain things that people must look past in other to make a decisions that is fair and that will actually work for the people.

Unfortunately, for Peter Obi, there is so many political dynamics that don’t work in his favour, that will not lead him to win election and also give post election problems.
One, he will find it difficult to build allies and relationships across the National Assembly, even with the government of states in the country. So, it’ll be very difficult for him to preside and govern the country.

And fundamentally, there are arguments and unanswered questions from his immediate constituency, the southeast. one of the controversial issues “BIAFRA” which has been and it is still a danger behind a south eastern presidency at this time because they seem not to bẹ on the same page with the candidate from their zone, Mr Peter Obi.

Peter Obi may be a nation builder and believes in unifying the country but the very region from which he is emerging and where he is supposed to have majority of his votes have different terms, ideals from his.

Their aspirations and plans are completely different and this might force him to deviate from his original plan, put certain political pressure on him and ultimately have negative effect on the country.
So, I don’t think, it is a safe bet for now and this is my reasons why I feel a Peter Obi or south east presidency should be around the corner but should be be considered in the very near future. For me, Nigeria’s stand today is clearly still far away from that.

Then, I move to the candidate of PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY which happens to be my political party, ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR. Aside from his enormous wealth of experience, being the vice president of arguably the best administration in post Independent Nigeria, he is a man who has basically shown capacity in both public and private life.
We have examined ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR as a private individual, we have examined him as business man and we have also examined him as a politician and it takes all the boxes as far as he is concerned.
Politically, he has a very robust relationship across the country which is what Nigeria need right now to handle and hold every single region of the country together and work for a common purpose.

He possess the skills needed to help reshape, rebuild, reform our economy.

I also think, right now that Nigeria needs a detribalised person, who can present a balanced unifying ticket, I think a combination of ATIKU ABUBAKAR/OKOWA is the real deal and It is important to make those very clever decisions for our future.

INEC statistics has shown that the youth from the ages of 18 all the way to 49 are in firm control of the electorate, making up about 70percent of the eligible voters. Hence, it is within our powers to decide who will be the next president of this great country.

I am standing today on my own authority and experience to encourage every single person to have a look very closely at my presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who I am endorsing for President.

I am also calling out Ondo state with glowing reference to the previous administration led by Dr Olusegun Mimiko. He showed strength, capacity, competence and what it is to be a leader who truly worked for the people. We need to return back to that as a state, we need to vote for PDP across all the senatorial districts, in all the houses of assembly and House of Representatives elections.
In this coming elections, I confidently put my name behind PDP candidates in all positions as we look forward to overwhelming support of all Ondo Youth and all great Nigerian Youths.

God bless you

Dr Tola Emmanuel Awosika.
Member, Presidential Campaign Council of the Peoples Democratic Party

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