Ondo Central: Why Ifedayo Adedipe, SAN Is The Only Choice Before Us



A whole lot has been said and done about the chances of the central senatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Basorun Ifedayo Adedipe, SAN, in the upcoming general polls. Of note is the fact that Adedipe comes to the race with an already established relationship with the electorates. Same cannot be said of his major opponent.

Ifedayo Adedipe SAN is a thoroughbred whose already established relationship with his people is not going to be eroded. One of the major qualities of a good legislator is the ability to convey the wishes of the majority of your constituents to the hallowed chamber of the National/State Assembly. This can only be done when your people have unfettered access to you and trust you with their mandate.

Ondo Central has a choice to make between a candidate who has been known to the voters long before this electioneering period and someone who is relatively unknown to them, a party that has brought pains to the people and a party that brought and, will bring succour to the masses, a party that has brought shame to the ordinary Nigerian and a party that gave outstanding international image.

A wise man once said the people deserves the leaders they elect. I do not think this election will be different. PDP, as a political Party, has promised to effect restructuring of the country for greater output, initiate pro masses programs and policies and reclaim Nigeria’s lost glory in the comity of nations.

Electing Adedipe would only be endorsing the much needed desire of an average Ondo Central person and every progressive to have devolution of power entrenched in our constitution and further make the PDP national and state programs come to reality.

Needless to say Adedipe has the pedigree, the exposure and good heart to go the national assembly and represent us well. He will not be in the league of “I support the motion” legislators whose only agenda is to enrich themselves and their cronies.

Wande Ajayi Writes via @WandeTAjayi

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