Aladeokun Stool: Akinboro Royal House Drags Ondo Govt, Kingmakers, Others To Court Over Alleged Imposition



The Akinboro Royal House of Alade-Idanre in Ondo State has dragged Ondo State Government, Akinnadeju family, Kingmakers to court over nomination of Akinnadeju family as the next Aladeokun of Alade Idanre.

The family is alleging that imposition of stranger to the stool of Aladeokun would not be tolerated under whatever guise.

The stool of Aladeokun of Alade Idanre became vacant following the demise of Oba Olusegun Akinbola in 2020.

In a suit filed at the High Court of Justice, Idanre Judicial Division, the family of Akinboro is asking the Court to give an order of perpetual injunction restraining Ondo State Government, kingmaker from nominating, presenting or appointing Alexander Akinnadeju or any member of Akinnadeju family from filling the vacant stool of Aladeokun Alade Idanre.

Also prayed the Court to further give order to set aside the nomination, presentation or appointment any member of the Akinnadeju family who are not member of Akinbola or Akinboro family.

It prayed the Court for an order of perpetual injunction restraining Alexander Akinnadeju or any member of Akinnadeju family or any other family other than as recognized by the extant Aladeokun of Alade Idanre registered Chieftaincy Declaration from presenting himself for nomination, presentation and or appointment to fill the vacant stool of Aladeokun.

The Applicants in the suit are Chief Francis Akintade, Chief Toba Akinboro, Otunba Akingbaso Benson, Prof Yomi Dinakin and Chief Akinbiyi Akinseye while the respondents are Chief Alexander Akinnadeju, High Chief Lisa, Alade, Secretary to Idanre Local Government, Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice and Executive Governor of Ondo State.

All the Applicants are Princes of Akinboro Royal Family of Lagokun Ruling House and are all entitled to vie and appointed as Aladeokun.

The Applicants disclosed that Akinbola and Akinboro are the only families recognized as constituting Lagokun Ruling House that can nominate and present candidate for appointment to the stool of Aladeokun of Alade Idanre.

According to the Akinboros, the nomination of Alexandra Akinnadeju or any member of Akinnadeju family for appointment by the state government as Aladeokun is a violent violation of the provision of the Chiefs Law are same is illegal, unlawful, null and void and of no effect.

The Royal family claimed that Chief Akinnadeju Alexander or any his family is not a member of Lagokun Ruling House and not entitled to participate in the nomination exercise of Aladeokun stool let alone single out as candidate for the stool.

They noted that the selection process conducted by the Akinnadeju thereby forwarded to the Kingmakers was contrary to the native Law and custom of Alade Idanre, adding that the action so far taken by the Akinnadeju family on the 18th of April, 2023 on nomination by the state government order as null, void and of no legal consequences.

“The First Respondent (Alexander Akinnadeju) is from Akinnadeju family and by the extant registered Chieftaincy Declaration, the family is not entitled and eligible to vie, nominate, be nominated, presented and appreciated to fill the Stool of Aladeokun Alade Idanre”.

The Akinboros Royal House stated further that upon the demise of Aladeokun of Alade Idanre who hailed from Akinbola Royal Family, it is the turn of Akinboro family of Lagokun Ruling House to fill the vacant stool.

They added that the only claimed by the Akinnadeju family was a consent agreement/judgement in the Suit Nos: Ak/71/1995 and Ask/73/1995 stated that Akinnadeju and Bajulaiye families are now members of Lagokun Ruling House.

It was noted that the consent agreement judgement are mere recommendation and cannot without more overwrite, replace and or substitute for the provision of the Registered Chieftaincy Declaration of Aladeokun of Alade Idanre as provided by Chiefs Law.

” The first Respondent (Alexander Akinnadeju) is now claiming that his Akinnadeju is the next family to present candidate for the stool by virtue of the said consent decision”.

Akinboro frowned at the manner the State Government hurriedly acted without clarification directing the Secretary of the Local Government to commence the process of filling the vacant stool with a candidate from the Akinnadeju family.

According to them, ” Upon hearing the move of the state government, the Akinboro family immediately forwarded a letter to the concerned Authority on the 17th of April, 2023 where it was clearly stated that the Akinnadeju family is not recognized by the extant registered Chieftaincy Declaration of Aladeokun Chieftaincy and the member of the family are not eligible to occupy the stool”.

The Akinboros family said the state government disregarded the letter and went ahead to commenced the process of selecting a candidate from the Akinnadeju family to fill the vacant stool.

“On the 18th of April, 2023, the state government mobilised heavy armed policemen to Idanre where the family of Akinnadeju was directed to nominate a candidate to be presented to the Lisa and Kingmakers for onward ratification for the state government for appointment as Aladeokun of Alade Idanre”.

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