APC: We Know Nothing About The Suspension Of Akogun Omole, Boroffice’s Ally, Party’s Secretary



The All Progressives Congress (APC), has denied its involvement in the purported suspension of a member of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Hon. Akogun Omole and a close ally of Senator Ajayi Boroffice representing Ondo North Senatorial District, Hon. Sunday Agbede (Aijulu).

Also purportedly suspended is the Secretary of the APC in the local government area, Mr. Akomolafe Olumide.

The leadership of the party at ward 4, Agba-Oka in Akoko Southwest local government area, who disapproved  the fake suspension of the Chieftains, noted that the allegations levelled against them which include anti-party activities, misconduct, among others, were cooked up nefarious elements.

As the Akoko Southwest local government area Coordinator for Tinubu/Shettima Independent Campaign Council (ICC) , Akogun Omole held several meetings with Party members and mobilized his constituents for the victory of the APC candidates during the last 2023 general election.

In a letter addressed to the Akoko South West Local Government APC Chairman, Elder Sehinde Mise and signed by the Ward Vice Chairman and Secretary, Adiji Friday, Balogun Olumide, respectively, and addressed yo the State APC Chairman, the party ward leadership urged Mise to quash the suspension of the trio forthwith.

The ward executives who wondered why the leaders were suspended without any notice, urged the party at the local government level to investigate the writers of the letter and thereafter take a disciplinary action against them.

The letter partly read, “Sir, the said letters did not emanate from our ward and we did not have the knowledge of such letters addressed to your office and as such, we know nothing about it is a cooked up complaint, a trumped-up sort that was made to thwart the unity of the members of the party in our ward”

“The letters were never initiated and signed by members of the executive and the leaders in ward 4”

“Consequent upon the foregoing sir, no party member(s), leader(s) and officer(s) of the party both past and present ever reported to the general meeting or the executive or the leaders about the conduct of the above mentioned members at any point in time. No member of the party here in ward 4 is in the know about such letters”

“Sir, it is our candid view that if there is any allegation of misconduct in any manner whatsoever against the above mentioned persons and a complaint is to be raised against them, such letters of complaint must be made available to the executive committee of the party the ward  level and the executive committee will appoint a fact finding or disciplinary committee to examine the matter.

“The APC executive committee in Ward 4, Agbe-Oka, Akoko has never for once reported any of our leaders to the Local Government executives for any misconduct or anti-party activities.

“We deem it fit to further inform you sir, that the APC executive Committee in Ward 4, Agba-Oka, Akoko has never at any point in time discuss in any of our meetings prior to the election or during the election and after the 2023 general elections any misconduct or anti-party activities against our leaders.

“The purported signatures on the letters were forged and no members of APC executive committee and leaders in Ward 4, Agba-Oka, signed such letters or caused it to be signed on his or her behalf.

“Sir, your high office and all other spirited and well-meaning persons are hereby notified to disregard the letters and its contents for not being genuine and also not coming from APC Executive Committee in Ward 4, Agaa-Oke, Akoko.

The letter added, “We also ask that the perpetrators of this héisous crime that wrote the letters be investigated and their nefarious attitudes be nipped in the bud and be brought to book by conducting investigation to ascertain the evil perpetrators of the dastardly acts for onward prosecution.

When contacted for reactions, Akogun Omole who is representing Akoko South West Constituency I, claimed to be oblivious of the letter suspending from him the party.

The lawmaker who comment briefly, said “You cannot shave a man’s head in his absence, so on that note I don’t have anything to say for now.There are provisions in the Constitution of the Party on how to go about these things.

“I only read the purported suspension on social media, and don’t play politics of social media,” Omole said.

Similarly, the local government chairman, Mr. Sehinde Mise discredited the claims, saying there was no local government executive meeting where any matter relating to the suspension of anybody in akoko southwest APC was deliberated or agreed upon. He frowned at the use of his name for a fake action without anyone speaking with him.

He said, “This (suspension) is unacceptable to me. they didn’t discuss anything with me, we didn’t meet to deliberate on anything, they just decided to attach my name to their fraud. They have been trying to call me for more then 20 times, after they did what they did, but I have refused to pick their calls.”

“What kind of nonsense is all these…they didn’t consult me about anything, they just attached my name to a letter and started spreading it across the social media. infact, I’m not happy with Adefarati, and I can never forgive him for this that he has done. I’m not ready to talk to him because he has destroyed my name and wants to kill me. I was so shocked to have been receiving calls from across the country and abroad over this matter, and I don’t even know anything about it.”

“it’s unfortunate that Adefarati is displaying this level of inexperience and naivety. I have been here (in Lagos) for the past three weeks, nobody called to tell me they are planning to do anything in my name. I’m not ready to join them in legitimizing their fraud. It is wrong and sinful,” Mise added.

He also said he has written a memo to the state chairman, through Mr. Cyril Aye to dissociate himself from the ruse, while adding that what the party needs is reconciliation and not further bickering.

He further said he is staying away from Ondo State for now, for his own safety, while describing some leaders in the local government as rude and power drunk.

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