Tinubu-Shettima: Nigeria Now In Safe Hands – Sam Aroge



The Director General of Life Abundant Ambassadors Foundation Deacon Sam Aroge has given an insight into what the ascendancy of the duo of Tinubu and Shetima to the seat of power means for Nigeria and Nigerians.

After the much awaited inauguration ceremony for the new president and his deputy took place at the Eagle Square in Abuja on Monday the 29th of May, 2023 with so much fun and pageantry, without any hitch, Mr Aroge said “Nigeria is set to experience a new lease of life through the magic wands of the popularly elected leaders.”

Speaking further to journalists in Akure after the inauguration, he said “Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the presidential inaugural address reminded most of us of his gubernatorial inaugural speech in 1999 where he laid the groundwork for what is known today as the “New Lagos.”

“From the start to the finish of the address you could see boldness, sincerity and passion in no small measure.”

He said further that “the new president displayed a thorough understanding of the country Nigeria and the best and sure way to break open the gates of brass and sawn the bars of iron that have been bedeviling the nation asunder!”

Mr Aroge who was also a former House of Assembly Aspirant in Ondo State believed that the Tinubu and Shetima collaboration is the best thing that can ever happen to Nigeria especially at this critical time in the life of the country which have been so much traumatized.

“Nigerians have not been this lucky with the caliber of leaders now in the saddle and with our cooperation, determination and prayers Nigeria will soon become an Eldorado,” he concluded.

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