Sallah Message: Ondo Majority Leader, Ogunmolasuyi Praises Muslims For Upholding Islamic Tenets



…Urges Muslims to keep preaching peace and oneness in Nigeria

It is always good whenever festive period brings us together and such is what Eid-ul-Adha does with Muslims worldwide. It is a time to remember how God made Prophet Ibrahim (SAW) smiled after testing him. Therefore, we can be happy and know that Almighty Allah is always with us.

On this day, Honourable Oluwole Emmanuel Ogunmolasuyi felicitates Muslims worldwide and congratulates everyone for this new feat. The majority leader also wishes to extend his gratitude to all Muslims in his constituency for constant support and encouragement even after his re-election.

Congratulations to everyone and continue to preach peace like Islam depicts. May Allah accept our ibadah.

Once again, happy Eid to all Muslims faithfuls.

Hon. Oluwole Emmanuel Ogunmolasuyi (WEST)
ODHA Majority Leader
Owo Constituency 1

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