Why I Am Empowering Women, Children, Widows – President Dorian Home, Tolulola Bayode



Dr. Tolulola Bayode is the President and Founder of Dorian Home for Charity and Social Welfare embedded with the passion to develop vulnerable children.

Situated in Akure, the Ondo State capital is Dorian Home, described as the biggest orphanage home in Africa.

Dorian Home has a well-equipped library, big hall, church, clinic, and the best facility to give vulnerable children succour and comfort.

The ultramodern facility worth millions of Naira, built by a philanthropist, Dr. Tolulola Bayode, was commissioned on October 14, 2021 by former Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo and also graced by prominent Nigerians.

She is a very passionate human being who always want to give back to the community and the nation hence her philanthropical gesture.

A woman that has continually demonstrated the qualities of a worthy and a caring mother, not to the Motherless children alone, but to the needy that come around her.

Undoubtedly, through her noble gestures, Dr Bayode has proven to be one of those who blazed the trail and stood firm where others have wavered.

Of a truth, it won’t be out of place to describe her, as a beacon of hope to the needy. Building a future for the vulnerable children is a project she has diligently and gladly embraced and working towards ensuring that these children become future leaders.

According to the medical professional, Dorian Home is something she’s been building before she lost her only brother and she began to realize that even with money, he couldn’t be saved.

She said ,”If God has blessed me, why can’t I use this resources to take care of children who do not even have money to feed, let alone pay hospital bills? I just felt that let me do something big that can be of help to humanity, and help children not to become a menace to the society.”.

She is passionate about assisting children and widows. She is a lover of children who is also kind-hearted.

Her focus in building the home is to help her reach out to many of such vulnerable children across Africa.

Tolulola is not a politician and she is not willing to join the murky water of politics.

According to her, “I am not a politician. I am contended with the service I am rendering to humanity. I will continue to use the wealth giving to me by God to serve the people by putting smiles on their faces”

The beautiful Amazon who was born on June 12 will be celebrating her birthday in a big way on June 17 at Dorian home hall amidst pomp and pageantry.

She has decided to use the opportunity to empower youths and widows with motorcycles, Sewing machines among other life-impacting gifts.

She said, “I have decided to celebrate my birthday in a big way through massive empowerment. I am not giving it to politicians but the needy to assist them.

“I bought all these things with my personal money and i promise to do more. I have vowed to continue to provide succour for the people.”

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