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Before 7pm of the 7th day in the 7th month of the 7th year of his government, and just 7 years to the end of the third decade in the 21st century, we were expecting the return of
Arakunrin Rotimi Odunayo Akeredolu from his medical leave back to Ondo State Government House, but this is yet to be, as Aketi has sent his greetings to the people while awaiting discharge from a German’s hospital.

Ondo, the Sunshine State, is home to a forest of talented minds that dot every corner of the beautiful State, and Governor Akeredolu is its supreme lion king. Arakunrin has fought and won over death, the devil and its imps, and also over sickness and fear. He is coming back, better and healthier.

If death is a mere mortal, Arakunrin has cracked all his ribs like chocolate bars. If sickness is a mountain of pounded yam, Akeredolu has emptied the bowl. Fear came like a raging storm, but God came to the rescue of the upright. All forms of health scares have melted like ice. The loving prayers and warmth of the good people of Ondo State is enough and hast destroyed every fear and uncertainty about Aketi’s fitness.

On behalf of every lover of a good life and the blessed people of Ondo State, GGM is excited to welcome our beloved Aketi back to Ondo State anytime he is discharged by his doctors.

There should be no more war. No more fear. The lion will be back! His rods will whip the ill-hearted into line.

Dear Governor Aketi, GGM is waiting to welcome you, and so are the people of Ondo State without hate, but with pumps and psalteries.

There is no point preaching the gospel to an apostle. Ondo State people know their Governor, Akeredolu, as an exceptional leader. His dedication to the security of lives and properties within our beloved state is unwavering. History has it that you are a fearless leader who is committed to justice and fairness. Great minds around the country know you are a worthy voice who has brought new hope to Nigerians.

What should we expect upon Aketi’s return?
Dear Governor Aketi, upon your return, Ondo State will join other States in Nigeria to increase workers’ wages and salaries to cushion the effect of subsidy removal and jumpstart the economy of our dear state. You will not only lead the rest, you will lead as a worthy example that history will never forget.

The impact of the current weather on roads is asking for answer. Our transportation infrastructure should continue to receive prime and prompt attention as expected always.

We also expect that your return will see to appointment and inauguration of our
long awaited boards of parastatals in the State.

The return of Aketi also means a greater strength to our security apparatus, especially, our dear Amotekun of the Universe!

As a democrat, Mr Governor Sir, the need for percolation of democracy to the very grassroots of our State calls for immediate Local Government elections with more power assigned to our Local Governments for better grassroot development.

As we await this atmosphere of joyous reflection with music and dance, it is important to recognize the awaited homecoming of our Governor as a symbol of resilience and unity of our Great State. So, we stand in unmistakable togetherness as we welcome Governor Rotimi Akeredolu back to Ondo State soonest, reminding him of our unwavering loyalty in company of his ever loyal Deputy, Honourable Lucky Ayedatiwa, and in appreciation of Aketi’s exceptional leadership.

In the course of our waiting, the state should not stop moving. We should keep moving. The world is moving fast! So we must not be left behind! We dare not be ungoverned!! The House of Assembly must promptly ensure that Aketi’s government is not left as a ship without a rudder. This is because any structure without a head is dead! This is important to ensure all deliverables are continuous delivered unto our people, as we continue to pride in the performance of Aketi’s government.

With best regards,

Good Governance Movement

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