13 Ghanaians Driving From Accra To The UK Arrive In London


A team of 12 men and one woman who set out on an epic journey from Ghana to the UK, have arrived after 16 days on the road.

The Ghanaian tourists and explorers, Kwabena Peprah, Saka, Fred Papa Kwofie, Richard, Kwame Peprah, Kofi Peprah, Kwadwo Prakah-Asante, Franklin Peters and his son, Quincy, Joseph, Cyprian Ed, Kwabena Ayirebi and his brother Kojo and the only female, Serwa the Shecanic left their country on Sunday, July 22nd in a quest to drive from Africa to Europe, and made it.

The vehicles the team traveled with were two Land cruisers, a Ford F-150 Raptor, Land Rover Defender, G63, and Lexus RX 350.

According to the drivers, the journey from Accra to London spanned an incredible 10,000 kilometres.

A video posted by X user Cyprian Wealth on Sunday showed the Ghanaians waving their country’s flag in pride as they noted they have arrived after 16 days.

In an earlier interview before their arrival in London, the team of drivers said that they were inspired by stories of people traveling from foreign countries to Ghana and other African nations which encouraged them to turn the tables and attempt the adventure as a fun activity, showcasing their adventurous spirit and passion for exploration.

“We are explorers and we are doing this for fun. We read about people driving from Europe to Ghana all the time, and we also planned to do it and we are almost there.”

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