2023 Ikun Day: Indigenes Target N32m Fund Raising For Developmental Projects


The 2023 Ikun Akoko day ceremony is around the corner.

The ceremony is the 32nd of its kind and indigenes of the town are already in celebration mood.

In what it called the Pre-Ikun day press conference, organizers of the event in Akure, Ikun Progressive Union, on Monday rolled out the activities for the two-week celebration.

Present at the press conference were notable sons and daughters of the community, which include; Elder Titus Orimijupa, Mr Tunde Akande, Chief Eniayedun Austin Dele and Titilayo Ilebani.

“We are here to represent the Ikun Progressive Union, the engine room of Ikun day 2023. We are here on behalf of Kabiesi, Oba Michael Adedoyin, Olukun of Ikun Akoko, the Olukun in Council, and the indigenes of Ikun Akoko.

“This ceremony is an annual series of events which will last for two weeks. The ceremony will feature sons and daughters of the town from far and near.

“We have commenced the two-week long ceremony with prayers and fasting for the community to get bumper harvest,” Elder Orimijupa disclosed.

He said the purpose of the prayer is to get bumper harvest in the coming season and also pray for the Governor and his cabinet members as well as sons and daughters of Ikun Akoko.

“Starting from the 14th of August, there will be cultural display. The town is known for its cultural richness and our visitors will enjoy this,” he said.

Debates among secondary students is also part of the activities line up. The debate is to catch the young ones early in life. The women will also be celebrated with a special programme. There is also the Pounded yam competition to commemorate the new yam season.

“Some quarters will have cultural display and treats. There is also a gala night to celebrate sons and daughters of Ikun Akoko. The real event is on 19th August, where all the unions in the town will feature in a parade. This parade will feature the non-indigenes who have been living with us.”

The highlight of the 2023 Ikun day is the fund raising of N32m for developmental project. A traditional title will also be awarded to the chief fundraiser of the event, though not an indigene, he has contributed immensely to the town.

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