2023 World Humanitarian Day: Dr Lola Bayode As Quintessence Of Humanity



By Jide Ogidan

In 2008, the UN General Assembly designated every 19 August as World Humanitarian Day to raise awareness for humanitarian assistance all over the world. This year, we hold it in high admiration to remember a young matriarch who gives without looking around. We are so fortunate to have a respected lady and Princess of the Bayode dynasty in Ondo State.

We are fortuitous in Ondo State to have an African amazing and extraordinary woman who has a gigantic heart of kindness.

The CEO and President of Dorian Home, Dr. Lola Bayode is an embodiment of and manifestation of giving cum humanity in this generation. Ondo State is blessed with such an Amazon.

We met by providence a few years ago on Saturday at a polling unit during the election in Akure. The simplicity in her aural would naturally captivate an angel. “Lolalistic” as she is dubbed by her close friends, has an uncommon grace of making life meaningful to people around her. May God remember your good deeds to humanity.

A visit to the Dorian home along Idanre Road would open your eyes to the amazing architectural layout of her project for the homeless. The world-class facilities are indeed an incredible abode for the homeless in our society. The Dorian home is the largest Orphanage home in Africa. We are delighted in the Sunshine State and proud to have this amazingly beautiful medical professional.

Dr Lola is an extraordinary philanthropist per excellence and a gift to Africa. She is an exemplar of heartfelt giving in this generation. She has demonstrated and exemplified what humanity is to numerous homes and families in bringing promising life to people.

One begins to wonder what life would have been like for those children and households without the kind gestures from Dr Lola. This is unprecedented in Africa. Dr Lola is a respected humanity world record breaker with her orphanage home built to accommodate 750 children.

My first visit to this unprecedented edifice brought to mind that God rules in the affairs of men. On my visit to the home, I played with the children, especially those sets of twins. They were lovely and lively gifts from God. I felt and saw joy not only in the children but also in the workers. The workers testified that “Dr Lola is a good woman”, She pays their salaries regularly. “She personally attends to the needs of all the children”, and “She does not joke with the welfare of these children.” The children are nicely fed daily with sumptuous meals. Medical services are adequately provided for these children and members of staff by well-trained medical personnel. The environment is properly secured. My experience with the security outfits in Dorian Home taught me so. A further investigation revealed that these children are being educated. She even got an additional English language expert to work on the children’s spoken English. This is remarkable and stunning.
Dr Lola, you are indeed an Ambassador of world humanitarian day, 2023.

We are blessed to have a lady with a good heart like Dr Lola in Ondo State. As the world marks world humanitarian day, today, we share in your heartfelt enthusiasm for succour and comfort for people who never thought they could enjoy decent things in life. Dr Lola, you have brought laughter and merriment to the lives of numerous people around her.

Africa and Africans are endowed with people who have a divine calling for helping people and for bringing joy to people. Dr Lola is a gift in Africa by God for Africans and the World. This generation is honoured with Dr Lola’s humanitarian assistance to bring a better life for our people.

Out of pure and undiluted love for humanity, some weeks ago, Dr Lola gave out 100 motorcycles 50 sewing machines, 50 wheelchairs and 50 Grinding Machines and other materials to the less privileged in our society.

Those who benefited from these gifts to humanity could not hide their joy while testifying to the unexpected gesture which has turned their lives around for good.

Dr Lola Bayode has brought promising life to people who never envisaged the world could smile at them. So many breadwinners could now feed their families through the timely and quarterly social empowerment program of Dr Lola. Humanity is the best service of life and the essence of God on earth. Dr Lola Bayode is a UN Ambassador of humanity in this generation.

Jide Ogidan writes from Akure, the
Ondo State capital.

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