Breaking: Discrepancy Spotted As Chicago State University Releases 32 Page Document About Tinubu To Atiku


There appeared to be a discrepancy in the academic records of President Bola Tinubu as the Chicago State University (CSU) on Monday released a 32 page of his credentials to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

The credentials released by CSU are documents showing the transcript Tinubu used in gaining admission into CSU; his CSU transcripts; replicas of copies of CSU certificates issued to their graduates in 1979, 1998, 1999 & 2003, among other important dossiers.

Atiku had approached a Court in Chicago to mandate CSU, where President Tinubu reportedly graduated from in 1979, to release his credentials to him.

Precision Online Newspaper gathered that Atiku had requested for the following four documents:

  1. An example of a CSU diploma for a Bachelor of Science degree issued in 1979;
  2. Bola Tinubu’s diploma issued in 1979;
  3. Any examples of a CSU diploma that “contains the same font, seal, signatures, and wording (other than the name of the recipient and the specific degree awarded)” as the copy of the diploma that was purportedly issued to Bola Tinubu on or about June 22, 1979 and
  4. certain other CSU documents that were apparently certified and produced by Jamar Orr in other Nigerian proceedings, as well as communications relating to these documents.

Documents released by CSU to Atiku lawyers as sighted by this medium, showed a CSU certificate replica given to its graduates in 1979 totally different from what Mr Tinubu presented to INEC last year as his certificate.

Below is what a CSU certificate looks like in 1979:

Below is the CSU certificate Tinubu claimed was given to him in 1979 and submitted to INEC in 2022:

The CSU further released replicas of other certificates it had issued in subsequent years after 1979, the year President Tinubu claimed he graduated.

Below is a replica of the certificate CSU issued to its graduates in 1998, 1999.

Below is a replica of the certificate CSU issued to its graduates in 2003.

You can download all the documents released by CSU to Atiku lawyers here.

Other documents released to Atiku upon request are those related to individuals who have previously subpoenaed CSU to release details about Mr Tinubu to them.

More details to follow…

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