St. Joseph’s College Old Boys Association (77 Set) Donates Principal’s Office To Alma Mater

St. Joseph’s College, Ondo

St. Joseph’s College Old Boys’ Association (SJCOBA) – 1977 Set, has donated a new principal office to the school.

SJCOBA is located in Ondo city, Ondo State.

Dubbed “The Star Set”, the Old Boys led by Nobilitas Professor Femi Mimiko, mni, who is the Chairman, Coordinating Committee of the set, commissioned the new building on Saturday, October 21.

In his remarks at the commissioning of the building, Prof. Mimiko appreciated all members of the set for contributing immensely towards the completion of the building.  

According to him, the dream to actualise the building commenced at the Reunion General Meeting of SJCOBA held on December 3, 2021, where decision was taken to intervene in the infrastructural landscape of the school.

“The choice of project was informed by our conviction that leadership is a critical, if not the most critical element in the affairs of any organisation. We thus, considered it important, for the type of excellent administration we desired for our alma mater, to have a commodious facility for the school Principal to work from.

“Meanwhile, the existing Principal’s Office, built some decades ago, had become inadequate for the purpose of a big and growing school like SJC. We, therefore, decided that the donation of a new Principal’s Office Complex was one area our intervention would be most impactful.

“It is proper for me to note that this building was completely funded through contributions by members of “SJCOBA77” only. We however, received some support from three other Nobilitas – alumni of SJC – who came into SJC much earlier than us. They, by and large, got to know that we were undertaking this project, and decided to extend their financial support to us,” Mimiko said.

Mimiko hands over keys to the building to the principal (YouTube screenshot)

The SJCOBA Chair used the opportunity of the occasion to appreciate everyone who supported them during the project’s execution.

A cross-section of the ’77 set being addressed by Mimiko. (YouTube screenshot)

“Let me crave your indulgence to thank, in this regard, the former Governor of Ondo State, Nobilitas Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, CON; Nobilitas Hakeem ‘Jejenuwa’ Oyeneyin; and by no means the least, the SJCOBA National President, Nobilitas Dr. Olusola Akinniyi. I thank the two Principals we had to work with while construction lasted – the late Nobilitas Folagbade Adegunloye; and the incumbent, Nobilitas Pastor Tayo Olabisi.

“We appreciate the staff and students of SJC too for the interest they have shown in this project from the day it started, up till now.

“Our appreciation also goes to the spouses of members of “SJCOBA77″ for their incredible level of support to us as we executed the project. Grant me the indulgence, please, to use my wife, Mrs. Bosede Mimiko, a Barrister and Pastor, the point of contact in this regard,” he said.

The new principal’s office (YouTube screenshot)

Mimiko further observed that that other sets within the SJCOBA family would take up the challenge represented by the modest effort of the 1977 set, to step in and further enhance the alma mater.

“Since government alone is not in a position to provide all the funds needed to take education to the level desire in our collective aspiration for national development; and it is evident that these are hardly the best of times for our national economy, it is imperative that we imbibe this spirit of alumni intervention, in the face of the growing fatigue displayed by government vis a vis education in our climes.

“Now that the Principal’s Office Complex is delivered, it is our hope, that the SJC management would put it to effective use, with an eye always, on proper maintenance.”

The foundation of the building was laid on March 1, 2022. The facility is fit-for-purpose and made up of the Principal’s Main Office/Board Room, Secretary’s Office, Waiting Room/Reception, Store, Coffee Room/Kitchenette, Piazza, and Garden.

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