Bye-election: Select A Candidate From Akoko Northwest Constituency II – Concerned Youths Tell APC, PDP, Others



The concerned youth stakeholders of Akoko Northwest Local government Constituency II have emphasized the need for political parties participating in the upcoming bye election to pick a candidate from the constituency.

The youths said such effort is to promote fairness and equal representation, adding that they we have made a collective decision to support any political party that selects its candidate from the constituency in the upcoming bye-election.

Folawole Adekolujo, who spoke on behalf of the youths in a press statement made available to newsmen, noted that due consideration should be given to each of the sub-local government areas within the constituency.

“Our united stance advocates for the inclusion of Ogbagi, Irun, Ese, and Afin in the process of selecting the next member of the House of Representatives to represent the Akoko Northwest Local Constituency, in the Federal House of Representatives.

“The collective decision to rally behind our local candidates stems from our drive to ensure that the voices and interests of every sub-local government area are adequately represented. The people of Ogbagi, Irun, Ese, and Afin have long been active and engaged citizens, contributing substantially to the development and progress of the Akoko Northwest Local Constituency. An inclusive approach that recognizes the importance of each sub-local government area will not only foster unity but also provide an opportunity for comprehensive and effective representation in the Federal House of Representatives.

“We respectfully put forth our request to the general public, as well as party leaders, to consider our stance and support our appeal for fair and inclusive representation in the selection of the next member of the House of Representatives. By allowing Ogbagi, Irun, Ese, and Afin to actively participate in the selection process, we can ensure that the interests and aspirations of every sub-local government area are given due consideration.

“We call upon all stakeholders to prioritize inclusivity, fairness, and equal representation in decision-making processes. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Akoko Northwest Local Constituency 2 will continue to be well represented in the Federal House of Representatives, enabling us to contribute effectively to the development and progress of our great federal constituency.

“Together, let us unite in support of local representation in the upcoming bye-election. We urge political parties to consider the voices of the people and affirm our plea for a fair and equal representation in the structural political identities across our federal constituency.”

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