Unheard Cries Behind Bars: The Tragic Neglect Of Amnesty & The Shadow Of Unlawful Authority In Ondo State



Dear Esteemed Citizens of Ondo State,
I address you today not just as a fellow indigene but as someone deeply troubled by the unsettling events that have befallen our state. It is with a sorrowful heart that I relay concerns that have emerged from the corridors of our governance, concerns that if left unchecked, could undermine the very foundations of our democracy.

It has been brought to our attention that our respected Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, is currently facing challenges that have left him incapacitated and, as such, unable to carry out his constitutional duties to the fullest capacity. In light of this, a disturbing practice has surfaced – one that involves unauthorized individuals illegally signing off on sensitive documents in the Governor’s stead.

This breach of protocol has far-reaching implications, as these forged signatures have been allegedly used to facilitate financial transactions and the imposition of Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs), among other executive actions.

Such acts not only stand in violation of our legal and ethical standards but also raise questions about the legitimacy of the processes being carried out under the guise of the Governor’s authority.

Even more distressing is the realization that these individuals, who have taken it upon themselves to act on behalf of the Governor, have not extended their unauthorized signatures to matters concerning the amnesty of prisoners. This selective omission has caused a stir within the walls of prisons, where Ondo state indigene inmates eligible for pardon have languished in uncertainty, robbed of the clemency typically granted by our state government.

This situation brings to light a grave concern: while these individuals are willing to forge signatures for certain administrative conveniences, they dare not do so for the amnesty documents. The reason is painfully clear – such an act would unveil the illegality of their actions, revealing a truth they cannot afford to be made public.

In light of these grave accusations, we must ask ourselves:

How can we, as a people, ensure that the rule of law is upheld and that such flagrant abuses of power are addressed with the severity they deserve?

What steps can be taken to safeguard the integrity of the Governor’s office and ensure that all actions taken under his name are legitimate and just?

How can we ensure that the rights and hopes of the inmates awaiting amnesty are not trampled upon by the self-serving actions of a few?

As we ponder these questions, let us remember that the strength of our state lies in our unity and our unwavering commitment to justice. Now, more than ever, we must rally together to shine a light on these injustices and demand accountability from those who have been entrusted with the mantle of leadership.
May we find the courage to stand for what is right and the fortitude to see justice served.

Yours in service to Ondo State and its people,
Comrade Shola Elekan
APC Member Ward 5, Akoko North West.

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