Lessons As Aiyedatiwa Visits Pa Fasoranti, Afenifere Group



By Sunday Olugbenga Abire

Like a woman in travail, hoping to birth her child, the Governor of Ondo State, Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa faced the pains of leadership some months ago. It was a battle that places him on two sides. He had the options to either allow the constitution of our land suffer serious travesty or show strength by weathering the storm so that generations to come would learn from his heroism. Thankfully, he didn’t chicken out. He fought lawfully, without offending anyone in words or deeds and our land is better for it today.

The elders rose up to the occasion. It was like the proverbial duty of the elders in the marketplace who wouldn’t allow a child suffer untoward pains. Baba Fasonranti expressly wrote the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, read the loud voice of Baba Fasonranti in his Abuja office. The stentorian voice of the Afenifere group got to the GCFR and he intervened twice.

Congratulations! A beautiful sunshine surfaced in Ondo state immediately after the ravaging storm. The people cheered at the beautiful light after the tunnel. Governor Aiyedatiwa had a chance to act in consonance with our law. Eventually, his destiny crowned him at the passing of his boss.

Governor Aiyedatiwa had two missions in Baba Fasonranti’s house. First, he went back to thank Baba and Afenifere group for being a loud voice against impunity in the thick days of Ondo state’s journey to sanity. The second mission was to formally inform Baba that Aketi had passed and he’s the Governor of Ondo state by the will of God.

Baba had mixed feelings which was glaring on his face. Every other elders, HRM Olu Falae, Imam Akorede, Chief Sehinde Arogbofa had their mixture of joy and pain. Aku orire re-surfaced as much as Aku araferaku. Life is truly a perfect fusion of the opposites. Aristotle was right. Very very right with his unity of opposites. Is this the reason the good book admonishes us to always give thanks? Even Lagbaja, the popular musician, agreed we smile no matter the condition. It was painful we had to lose Aketi. We are equally lucky to have Aiyedatiwa continue Aketi’s giant strides. The elders chanted congratulations again and again. It is what has been translated to Aku orire in Yoruba. End of mischief.

I watched in awe as HRM Olu Falae, the Olu of Ilu Abo profusely thanked the Governor for showing respect. As a former politician, Baba Falae understands what power does to the arrogant. He didn’t hide that most politicians are into the use and dump business. At that point, I remembered that ten lepers were healed by Jesus and just one returned to thank the Lord. Aiyedatiwa scored high in humility, respect, appreciation and candor.

The rein of power is weak without the support of the people. I mean, genuine people who didn’t come because of the bread. In a democracy, the people are the kings. Aware of the magnitude of trust and love that the people of Ondo state have deposited in Aiyedatiwa, the best recompense would be to work tirelessly to bring development and progress to the state in all ramifications.

To understand Aiyedatiwa’s heart of genuine appreciation to every citizen and inhabitants of Ondo state irrespective of partisan, religious or clannish sentiments, I draw inspiration from the first inaugural address of the 7th President of America, Andrew Jackson on the 4th of March, 1829, “About to undertake the arduous duties that I have been appointed to perform by the choice of a free people, I avail myself of this customary and solemn occasion to express the gratitude which their confidence inspires and to acknowledge the accountability which my situation enjoins. While the magnitude of their interests convinces me that no thanks can be adequate to the honor they have conferred, it admonishes me that the best return I can make is the zealous dedication of my humble abilities to their service and their good”

Coincidentally, Aiyedatiwa who doesn’t forget favour makes history as the 7th Civilian Governor of Ondo state as Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of America. A man who knows how the rain drenched him should appreciate the sunlight that dried him up. Aiyedatiwa is eternally grateful to the good people of Ondo state and his gratitude will reflect in his good works. Trust him. He will deliver. He is sensitive to the plights of his people.

Sunday Olugbenga Abire is Special Assistant on New Media to the Governor of Ondo State.

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