Ondo 2024: Conference Of Nigeria Civil Rights Activists (CNCRA) Endorses Kekemeke



The south west zone of the Conference of Nigeria Civil Rights Activists, CNCRA has endorsed Hon. D.I. Kekemeke for the 2024 governorship Election scheduled to hold in November, 2024.

CNCRA is a group of frontline Civil Rights and pro-democracy activists in the forefront of campaigns for good governance in Nigeria.

Grounds for the endorsement:

1) Hon. D.I. Kekemeke is a trust and a worthy fellow and Politician whose integrity is not doubtful.

2) We cannot support any Candidate who does not have anything at stake, such as second term syndrome.

3) we are not ignorance of a fact that Governorship or Presidentential Candidate who is constitutionally barred from seeking second term in office cannot and will not give the people the expected benefits and dividends of democracy,

4) such Candidate, if allowed, will undoubtedly become a play boy as being witnessed among the governors in their second term in office.

5) Hon. Kekemeke’s Political antecedents transcend all sphere of life

6) he contributed in no small measure in the struggle for the democratization of Nigeria during the dark days of the military juntas.

7) he has long identified himself with the masses of Nigeria, right from his days in the university.

8) Kekemeke has demonstrated in the past, his pursuit for an egalitarian society.

9) he is a strong proponent of the free education and qualitative health care services.

10) a strong proponent of restructuring of Nigerian State

It is on the above and many more of his track records and political experience upon painstakingly review of all other aspirants without any biase, favouritism but facts that, our organisation gladly supports and promotes the candidature of a man of diligence and patriotism, Hon. Isaac I. Kekemeke, for the position of No.1 citizen of Ondo State, come next election.

The right Activists, consequently, cautioned the proponents of campaigns of sentiment in Ondo state as it will not engender the needed social and economic transformation that the State deserves.

Alh. Adeniran Ikuesan
General Secretary (South West)

Chief Adewumi Olowoniyi
South West chairman

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