Amapere Community Appreciates Kingsley Kuku Over Solar Light Project



Amapere Community owes all to the Almighty Creator!

With a grateful heart driven by the spirit of appreciation, we, the peace loving people of Amapere Community, are writing to express our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for your extraordinarily exceptional generosity through the instrumentality of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) that brought about the 229 Solar Lights to power our entire community. Chief (Hon) Kingsley Kemebradigha Kuku Ph.D, we owe you an everlasting debt of gratitude.

With the Solar Lights in the community, school children are now able to study seamlessly safe and longer in the night. This no doubt builds and encourages reading and planning towards a brighter future. We are very grateful the Orualeleu.

Your elastic compassion and generosity have always been uplifting those around you; creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all. You have been a source of inspiration and support. Your legacy of leadership and community services transcend the Niger Delta, touching the lives of many and leaving an incredibly indelible footprint on mankind. Truly, Amapere Community views your intervention as transformative, inspiring and excellent among the Niger Deltans. Above all, nurturing a strong sense of belonging. Thank you, The L’oson of Ondo Kingdom. We are truly grateful. Your feet will not stumble and the Almighty God shall graciously sustain your strength and wisdom. A sense of gratitude is the least Amapere Community feels for your surprisingly phenomenal show of love.

Your commitment to community service regardless of cultural, social and political affinities is truly altruistic with the precincts of your mortal ability. Thank you, the path leading and illuminating pride of the Niger Delta.

For the students in Amapere, the terrible days of midnight candles and lanterns are history now with the Solar powered bulbs strategically installed in the community. Within and outside the ivory towers, the impacts of the Solar Light would be felt. This would create a conducive learning environment; encourage uninterrupted study sessions and above all, make school children more resourceful. This was an indomitable plight you have solved for our children. Thank you the Community Service Majesty.

Aside illuminating the community, we strongly believe that, these Solar Lights serve as security outfits and have progressively improved our self-help surveillance outfits. Security consciousness is central to ensuring a crime free environment. We are opportunistic that, the installation of the Solar Lights would have sent shivers down to criminally minded people’s spine. May your path be illuminated by the Almighty God. Thank you the Architect of Modern Arogbo Kingdom!

The role of the Niger Delta Development Commission is one that, unfortunately is often not fully appreciated by many Nigerians, but misconstrued and outrightly misinterpreted. Even for the few who claimed to have understood its role, these people often see the relevance of the Commission to a primordial attachment; perhaps a Commission only existing in theory. This one-dimentionality view point from people has once again been proven wrong with the Solar Lights Project for communities in Ese-Odo Local Government Area, Ondo State. The activities of NDDC have been kept in tune with the aspirations of Niger Deltans, devoid of sectional and primordial interest. This is truly reassuring. NDDC is truly and sincerely appreciated.

As we express our gratitude, we never forget that the highest appreciation is not just to utter words, but to live by them. This remains our promise.

We received and now enjoy the Solar Light with our hearts. We also acknowledge same with all our hearts too.

We pray for more robustly impactful projects. The Almighty God will starve your distractors and feed your focus.


The Most RT. REV. SNR. Apostle Israel. O. Joshua

Chief Arenibaro Oloye
Chief Dipele

Chief Monday Akerele
Chief Ago

Dated this Wednesday, 8th May, 2024.

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