Full Text: Olusola Oke’s Independence Day Message

L-R: Oke, Mimiko, and Akeredolu in 2012
God, the almighty, despite His supreme power over the creation, allowed mankind the freedom of choice. Freedom of choice between life and death, freedom to be governed and freedom to take decision not. It is the very essence of our living as mortals.


Every first day of October, as Nigerians and creation of God almighty, we celebrate the day we were granted independence from territorial, political and economic controls. Therefore, I congratulate Nigerians, especially the people of Ondo state, on yet another anniversary of our independence.
While I rejoice with you, I appreciate God for the relative peace and the unity of our country. I also share in the thought that we have a lot to do.
Though we are indeed free from territorial and political controls, we are yet to attain total freedom from external economic vestiges inadvertently allowed and encouraged by us.
Governance must profit from deliberate strategies meant to develop the people and berth growth through engaging productive activities driven by knowledge and sustained by realistic policy directions.
Here in Ondo state, we once had a government that thought of the future; a government that built our fortune into our future. A government that created wealth and set achieveable goals meant to free our economy from the grip of mono revenue.
Fellow citizens of Ondo state, we are aware of how deadly propaganda and orchestrated lies derailed the focus of the people and the direction of that administration. What we have in replacement are promises that are broken. Today, we are all hit by the gap in the economy; salaries are in arrears consequently, commerce has been badly injured. Yet the bills keep increasing.
Our youths are unemployed. The roads in the state outside of the capital are in a state of disrepair. An entire senatorial district has not enjoyed electricity supply for three whole years. It is indeed sad.
For any concerned citizen of Ondo state, the resilience of the workers in Ondo state is commendable. Imagine the effect of unpaid salary on their financial plans? The workers are not paid not because Ondo state has no enough but the weight of the service costs of our public debt is telling on the living standard of all of us.
For every season, there is a weather attached. This time shall surely pass. As a free born of Ondo state, I never give up hope so long as there is the least chance.
Once again, happy independence celebration.

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