New Party By “Aggrieved” APC Chieftains Imminent – Senator Akanbi



A senator representing Oyo South, Senator Adesoji Akanbi has told Nigerians
that they would soon see the outcome of the new political alliances.

Senator Akanbi confirmed that some APC top-shots who had become uncomfortable
with the turnout of events after the party attained power, were
weighing their options.
“You know that ambition can drive people and a lot of people, when it
comes to amalgamation like that of the APC, some people may feel
cheated and may not be happy with the outcome of the whole thing. It is
normal,” he told Punch.
“There is no way you can form a new party in a room. Nigerians should
not be too eager to see the outcome of such (secret and closed-door)
meetings because they are still coming out to the public to canvass for
support. Let us all wait and see.”
“Personally, someone like me is a committed member of the APC and I still have my leader.
“Politics is about the grassroots. You have to know what your people
want before you can decide on what to do. I am from the South-West and
we have a way of doing our thing. We still have a leader.”
“I have not mentioned any name but whatever it is, it is going to be a
collective decision. Personally, I am an advocate of regional
integration. When I say regional, I am particular about the South-West,
where I come from.”
Many followers of politics know all is not well within the APC and
there are speculations that a national leader, Bola Tinubu, may lead his
loyalists out of the party for a new alliance.
Mr Tinubu, a former Lagos state governor, has not attended recent APC gatherings, the most recent being Thursday’s campaign rally in Ondo State ahead of the November 26 election.

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