Court Okays Legal Action Against UK Ex-Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw

Abdul-Hakim Belhaj Photo: Getty
UK Ex-Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw faces being sued over allegations of abduction and torture brought by a former Libyan dissident.


Belhaj claims MI6, which Mr Straw was then responsible for, helped the
US kidnap him in Asia in 2004 to return him and his wife to Tripoli. 
The Supreme Court backed a Court of Appeal ruling allowing his action.
Mr Straw – among several parties in the case – rejects claims that he had been aware of the rendition.
Lawyers for Mr Belhaj, 50, say he is determined to sue unless he receives an apology and a token £1 in damages.
Belhaj, one of the leaders of the uprising against former Libyan leader
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, says he was abducted – along with his
pregnant wife, Fatima Boudchar – as he was about to fly to London to
claim asylum.
After being returned to Libya, he spent six years in jail, while his wife was released shortly before giving birth.

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