Opinion: Irreproachable Legacies Of Hon. Oladiji Landmark By Kayode Olawande

Oladiji Adesanmi
A saying goes thus; “If you lift your eyes to the sky,
you are likely to see the truth”, such is the case of the honour you
find with a man like Mr. Oladiji Olamide Adesanmi who has taken giant
strides in a short period of time. 

The name might have been singing
choruses during the last general elections where he contested for the
Ondo East Constituency seat at the State House of Assembly under the APC
platform and the just concluded gubernatorial election in Ondo state,
which he stood firmly to deliver votes for the APC Governor-elect
Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN). He has humbly being around since
the 90s and so has his dreams been unfolding with the years into
Hon. Oladiji
popularly known as Landmark has escalated the belief he has in young
minds where he saddles them with the responsibility of being innovative
and not only does he preach the gospel of innovation in us young minds
but he follows up through series of empowerment to see that it all work
out fine and affect lives positively. All these he did without being in
any political position. He is a practical example of a man who makes up
his mind on something and never reneges on it.  This is the type of man
we can entrust our future and that of the generations unborn.


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addressed as a foremost politician with a difference, then such
statement is spot on. Hon, Oladiji Landmark is not just any politician
but he is a human lover with a heart of gold. He is a lovable
personality who is blessed with the calmest of character and this
definitely is one of those characters that differentiates him from other
politicians we have around. When you are cool headed and intelligent,
it becomes easy for you to listen to your followers and also discern
smartly when need arises. 
Landmark, everyone, every category and class as well as human beings can fit into
his budget and plans that is why he could have done so much in a short
while. The educational quality of our children seem to be his top
priority, widows and orphans inclusive not to mention the hundreds of
employment he has given to save families in this harsh economic weather
the country has been going through for years and to think he has been
holding on since the 90s is something recommendable. His fleet of awards
needs no further explanation. 

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likes of Hon. Oladiji are those we want to have at the top political
positions as we can go back to bed with a smile because we know we have
someone among the few who deeply cares about us and willing to improve
our standard of living with so much more he has to offer tucked up his
sleeves. The future is for a believer that the world can be much better
than it is and that is Hon Oladiji’s philosophy through his live
impacting project for the masses.
Kayode Olawande writes from Ondo City

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