Meet Ramadan, Palestinian Barber Who Uses Flaming Hot Method To Dry Customers Hair

Ramadan at work

This Palestinian barber, Ramadan Odwan has found a fiery way to trim his client’s hair – if they are brave enough.


In his small shop in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Mr Odwan uses careful application of open flames.
His creative idea was born from Gaza’s frequent power cuts preventing him from using a dryer.
After cutting and combing, the barber applies what he calls “special” lotion and powder to client’s heads to protect their skin before using flames from an aerosol can to dry the wet hair.

    “The experience strengthens the hair, but it’s not permanent as with chemical products. It’s just temporary to show a good and nice style,” he says.
    News about Mr Odwan’s hot method has spread across the Gaza Strip and some other barbers began imitating him.
    He says applying “fiery” hairstyles requires great attention and experience that not all imitators possess.
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