MENINGITIS: Stop Kissing, Handshaking – Ondo Govt Warns Residents (Press Release)


Cerebrospinal Meningitis rages across the country, the Ondo state
government has put in place proactive measures to prevent its outbreak
in the state.

permanent secretary of ministry of health,Dr Oni Taiye who said two
thousand five hundred and twenty eight cases and three hundred and
twenty eight deaths have been reported across sixteen States of the
federation, said the state emergency, preparedness and response team has
swung into action to forestall its outbreak in the state..
speaking with the emergency team the permanent secretary said the fact
that some neighboring state in the south west are expressing the
outbreak calls for serious caution and pro activeness.
highlighted some of the proactive measures taken to include
sensitisation of health workers at all levels to the new case,and an
aggressive sensitisation of the public on symptoms and steps to take to
nip the menace in the bud.
health permanent secretary enjoined the public to report to the
hospital immediately they experience symptoms such as fever, headache,
respiratory track infection, sneezing, pain in the neck and back which
could lead to stiffness of the neck among others.
forestall its outbreak,The health permanent secretary admonished
residents to avoid over crowding,ensure proper ventilation,increase hand
washing, maintain proper hygiene avoid shaking hands, unnecessary
petting, kissing, ensure good coughing and sneezing behaviour among
He also said
allayed the fears of the people of the state that the state will not
experience an outbreak as its was known for cabbing outbreaks without
wasting time since its health facilities are well equipped.
reports of death in some states due to laser fever,Dr Oni Taiye said
the state have been able to nip the lassa fever epidemic in the bud as
there is no report of fresh cases in the last four weeks
further pledged the commitment of the State Government not to rest on
its oars despite great feasts that have been achieved but increase
surveillance and active search to make the state safe for all.
Abooluwa Famakinwa
Press Officer 
Ministry of Health.

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